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#554 list of max EU inputs for all machines

Posted by Archina on 12 February 2013 - 11:38 PM

From what I've learned, this is what I can say:


-Upgradable Machines- (0 Transformer Upgrades = 32EU/t, 1 = 128EU/t, 2 = 512EU/t. 3 = >512EU/t (not tried above 2048EU/t but it works on that. None of these machines should need more than 512EU/t though as I can attach 2 Transformer Upgrades and 12 Overclocker Upgrades without any of them losing power), 4 = ???EU/t.)

Macerator, Rotary Macerator, Extractor, Compressor, Recycler, Electric Furnace, 


-32EU/t Machines- (Will Explode when given any more than 32EU/t.)

Miner, Pump, Magnetizer, Canning Machine, Crop-Matron, Singularity Compressor, Centrifuge Extractor, GregTech Computer Cube (Nuclear Reactor Simulator only. Everything other function doesn't use EU), Industrial Centrifuge, Implosion Compressor, Electric Crafting Table, Electric Translocator, Advanced Trandlocator, Large Electric Buffer, Electric Item Clearer, Electric Sorter, Electric Rock Breaker, Crop Harvester, Scrapboxinator, Remote Thermal Monitor, , BatBox.


-128EU/t Machines- (Will Explode when given any more than 128EU/t.)

Induction Furnace, Industrial Grinder, Industrial Electrolyzer, Industrial Sawmill, Industrial Blast Furnace, Distillation Tower, Tesla Coil, MFE, LV-Transformer.


-512EU/t Machines- (Will Explode when given any more than 512EU/t.)

, MFSU, MV-Transformer.


-2048EU/t Machines- (Will Explode when given any more than 2048 EU/t.)

Charge-o-Mat, AESU, IDSU.


-8192EU/t Machines- (Will Explode when given any more than 8192EU/t.)

HV-Transformer (Though when fed 8192EU/t, it will only output a quarter or that. Which is why 4 HV-Transformers have to be hooked up to a Lightning Rod for full efficiency), Matter Fabricator.


-1,000,000EU/t Machines- (I think you get it by now.)

Supercondensator (Only a Fusion Reactor can produce this much power.)


-Unknown Voltages- (Don't know how much voltage they can withstand.)

Electrolyzer, Fusion Reactor, MFFS Machines (If they do take EU.)


-No Voltages- (Doesn't need any EU to function properly.)

Trade-o-Mat, Sonictron (Requires a redstone signal instead.)


-Any Voltages- (No matter what you feed it, it will not stop working/explode as they only take what they need.)

Electrical Engine, Teleporter.


-Wires- (These wires will melt away and damage nearby players if fed more than these amounts.)

Ultra-Low-Current Cable - 5EU/t

Copper Cable - 32EU/t

Gold Cable - 128 EU/t

Glass Fibre Cable - 512 EU/t

HV Cable - 2048 EU/t

EU-Detector Cable - ???EU/t (Don't know it's limit, but the wiki is wrong. It can take more than 512EU/t as I tried poweing it with 2048EU/t and it was fine.)

EU-Splitter Cable - ???EU/t (Don't know it's limit, but the wiki is wrong. It can take more than 512EU/t as I tried poweing it with 2048EU/t and it was fine.)

Superconductor Wire - 2,147,483,647EU/t (nothing in the game can transfer this much EU nor can anything even hold that much. So it can handle anything. You need a wrench to remove it though so be careful.)


Do note though that the industrial machines requires that EXACT power constantly while working. Any less and it will just do nothing but waste EU. Any more and it will explode. So it is highly recommended you have a dedicated power supply (MFE or correctly tuned LESU/AESU) and a Splitter Cable for an on/off switch.


I hope this info helped.

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#17545 Spam

Posted by RZR0 on 18 February 2015 - 10:08 PM

We've recently been the target of a large amount of spam on the wiki, posted by spambots. We've now implemented automated measures to counter this problem. We want to keep it easy for people to edit pages, so no captches or anything visible to the user was added, but all posts by anonymous users will now be screened for spam. This does mean there's a small possibility of false positive detections, but normally everything should be fine.

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#9729 Wiki changes (2014/03/08)

Posted by RZR0 on 08 March 2014 - 10:36 AM

  • The nocache site backend has been overhauled and should now properly support all features of the main site. This includes lua modules.
  • Monobook logo updated

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#3555 3000 articles

Posted by ostPavel on 19 June 2013 - 08:11 PM

Today the 3000th article has appeared on ftbwiki.org

Ladies and gentlemen, let me present to you the Wool Card!

On the behalf of ftbwiki.org team, I'd like to thank everyone who contributed to the wiki and helped us achieve such a result. Every single byte of text the community adds means more information for all the FTB users. Keep up the good work!
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#21991 Hello, possibly again.

Posted by mathwiz617 on 20 October 2016 - 08:09 PM

Hey guys, I'm Mathwiz617. I was active-ish here before, but never introduced myself.


I started contributing to this wiki for Agrarian Skies (the original!), jumped to Botania, and quickly forgot about it. I hope to stay longer this time. I'm not an expert modded player, but I know enough to pass on to others.


I'm currently focused on Reika's mods, and will be updating them on the wiki when I learn something new and have the opportunity.

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#1871 Forum rules

Posted by RZR0 on 19 March 2013 - 01:22 AM

We've finished working out the first version of the forum rules for these forums. Make sure you read them carefully! :)

  1. DO NOT display or encourage abusive behavior!
  2. DO NOT insult other forum members!
  3. DO NOT openly argue with staff members!
         If issues arise, discuss them via the private messaging system.
         If you feel you've been treated unfairly by a staff member, contact (another) administrator or the forum operator.
  4. DO NOT repetitively post in the incorrect forum!
         e.g.: Do not post World Seed discussions in the Mods forum.
  5. DO NOT share your account with other users!
         Forum accounts are free and don't take long to create, there is no need to share them.
  6. DO NOT create more than 1 account!
  7. DO NOT swear or use offensive language!
  8. DO NOT bump posts or post spam!
  9. TRY NOT to post twice in a row in the same topic, this is frowned upon.
         If you missed anything in your post, you can use the edit button to change it.
  10. TRY NOT to post or share personal information.
         We advise against sharing personal information such as your name, where you live or your phone number.
         If you do post any personal information, it's your own responsibility.
  11. TRY NOT to derail a thread's topic.


In addition to the main rules, the following actions will get you permanently banned from the forums immediately:

  1. Posting adult or gore related content
  2. Posting pirated or copyrighted material without permission of the owner
  3. Racism or any discrimination
  4. Threats of violence or harassment


Don't backseat moderate:


If any rules are being broken, report the offender by using the report button and the staff will deal with the issue.

Please don't try to moderate the forums yourself, let the staff do their job.

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Posted by e_mouse on 09 May 2013 - 09:55 PM

Hello friends.

After a series of trying out couple of public and private FTB servers i felt kinda disappointed with the community/limits of them.
In all of that mess i found a really great private community of people but the deal is my connection to that server was really bad and made the game unplayable for me  (I will miss you RedWire!).
So i started working on my own server and i believe it's ready for release.

What do i offer:

  • 24/7 lag free server*
  • No banned items
  • No bukkit/plugins
  • A great community to play with (i hope  )
  • A TeamSpeak3 server
  • Active forums for easier updates notification

*Server spec:
Intel E3 1240 v2 3.3 GHz
256 GB SSD
1 Gb/s Network
Unlimited Bandwidth
US Located (Dallas)

I'm managing a large scale Tekkit community so running this baby will be a piece of cake, and i believe i have enough knowledge in that part to keep us all together.
We will be running FTB Ultimate Pack, and if we have someone there that is willing to add something to that pack or offer us a custom one, i would be more then happy to check it out.
What my plan was is to find about 20-30 people to play with us here and based on your personal preference you can find partners with common interests, or go on your one...completely up to you.
Skype is a must. You don't need to own a microphone or whatever, we would use it only for easier communication.
I'm aware that i told you that we have a website/teamspeak but to make things a little easier on me and you in the beginning.
This is a fresh server, meaning we start from scratch and work our way out of this fantastic modpack.
The difficulty is set to Hard, deal with it =) !
There is couple of simple rules: Don't grief/steal, don't be rude and use common sense.
I'm sorry to say this but if you are under 16 years old, you will not be whitelisted. (unless you really have something specal =) )
So 16 is a must 18+ is preferred.

Make an application using the format on a post bellow and i hope to see you soon!

FTB Expirience:
What you can contribute:
Why should we pick you:
Additional Info (if some):

If some of you are shy, or don't want to share your info in public you can send me the app via PM.

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#21539 Contributors Group

Posted by Kollins on 07 April 2016 - 03:39 AM

RZR0 added me to this group after I started adding http://ftbwiki.org/Magneticraftcontent! Now I hope I can just keep from blowing something up. Thanks RZR0 and Antillar for helping me with the learning curve while adding all the content.

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#21466 Hello

Posted by Antillar on 22 March 2016 - 09:29 PM

Well, as this is going to be my first post on the forum, I will use the advantage to introduce myself here.


So, I have started playing Minecraft in the late alpha, and guess what: first client pack was already modded. It had some sort of fan which pushes things around, like the current OpenBlocks one. So, I quickly became used to some additional content, and even though I was still playing Minecraft, I was not interested in it. But then Beta came out, with all the cool features and lots of cooll mods. The first ever versions of BuildCraft, IndustrialCraft, Thaumcraft, Equivalent Exchange were released. By that time there was competely no information about what these mods gave. No wikis, no guides, no videos on YouTube, even no recipes! 


That time was first when I have started documentating my ingame experience. Later things like CraftGuide, TMI, NEI appeared, making screenshots of recipes useless. But as the game developed, new stuff could become more and more complex. At Beta 1.9, when potions and experience was introduced, all the mods suddenly became incredibly overpowered, as mostly to vanilla MC, but much faster. That time was first when Cross-mod compatibility started to rise. When one mod could produce mass amount of stuff, other traded it for smth awesome, you could progress way quicker.


Release version did not bring much ingame, but it did to mods. Ah those hard days of trying to merge several mods that modify the same .class file and don't forget to delete META-INF folder. Those countless conflicts, bugs, instability issues. The same time, first good modpacks to bring dozens of mods at once. 


1.2.5 came out with pure essence of awesomeness, providing new possibilities for modders as well as pushing the game's limits. Soon after some nice guys recreated a SkyBlock with many mods, and here FTB began. Though FTB was not really popular, because Tekkit was rising all over the community. And Singleplayer Technic pack was the most complex pack ever done. At this version i realised that what I can produce, becomes extremally useful among other players, mostly russians, because i did not know English as good then. My guides were viewed my many thousands of players because they had the experience so few could even achieve. Breaking bedrock? No problem. Infinite EXP? Easy. 1.5 Quadrillions of EMC per hour? Here you are. 


Also Tekkit first developed my multiplayer skills. And my appealing to Towny - the most complex claim plugin. 


With 1.4.7 FTB developers started their awesome work to let players enjoy the hard modes together. FTB Ultimate. And my Russian GT guide at the size of 130 A4 pages. Pity the website with it is down now. That time I first got that Russian resources cannot teach me anymore. I left Russian community and started my sailing through unfriendly foreign virtual reality. 


1.5.2 offered the most unbalanced mods ever with the most unbalanced client ever. Start from scratch in the morning and finish Ultimate Solar in the evening - that is the most precize characteristic of that version. Complex mechanisms were made to produce even more, and that started ideas of total automation. 


1.6.4 came up with all the mods more balanced and even hard, but the veterans used to utilising extreme amounts of stuff on their needs were forced to think of most effecient generators and consumers. I have started YouTube channel to film my efforts. And doubtless the ReactorCraft Fusion tutorial turned out to be very popular, and is soon reaching 0.5M views. 


1.7.10 for quite some time is the most popular build. What haven't I done yet? I can't tell. After countless hours of doing what I like best I realised that magic mods is much harder to harness, to push them to their limits and to achieve the real endgame while automating stuff. Thaumcraft was the hardest in this terms. And I have taken it and now sharing my knowledge with other people who didnt even think of doing this to magic. 


Well, that's it mostly. I may have missed something, have questions - let me know :)

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#188 Wikia

Posted by RZR0 on 08 February 2013 - 09:55 PM



I'd like to thank everyone for their patience over the last few days as we moved from Wikia to an independent wiki. I noticed that some people are disgruntled about the fact that Wikia intends to resume hosting the content we've produced over the last couple of months. My personal feelings aside, I would like to ask everyone to refrain from making any further changes to the Wikia that would undermine the restorations being performed by the Wikia staff. Wikia has graciously agreed not to hold us accountable for possible damages caused by our transitioning off of their servers. As such I would like to part ways on a friendly note and focus on continuing to build our community in it's new home.



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#18198 Twilight Forest Progression not working

Posted by ostPavel on 27 April 2015 - 10:08 PM

ftbwiki.org: 1

ftb.gamepedia: 0



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#17304 trouble shooting

Posted by timrem on 29 January 2015 - 01:24 PM

What exactly is happening with your pack? We can't help you unless you post details, such as what... happens really.

Given the context, my assumption would be a problem using bows: "trouble shooting". :ph34r:

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#16446 Lua infoboxes, back again

Posted by dgelessus on 03 December 2014 - 10:03 PM

The master of procrastination has finally finished the Lua implementation of the Item infobox after over a year of hard work *ahem*. While at it I've also made various other changes that seemed reasonable to me, some of which would be relatively noticeable for other editors, so I thought I'd get some feedback first instead of making them global without discussion. Specifically these are the most noticeable changes:

  • The order of appearance of practically all rows is different. I tried to order them in a meaningful way, first general information that should appear for all blocks and items (name, source mod, stackability), then block-only info, then the various mod-specific and obscurely named rows. Might try adding some kind of section headers to make that more clear.
  • Some of the parameters have shorter names, which are more convenient to type (IMHO). For example "luminance" is now "light". I've also tried to make some names less misleading, e. g. "gravity" instead of "physics", because physics could also be referring to whether the block is solid.
  • The stack parameter now accepts a number alone in addition to arbitrary text. Numbers will be reformatted to look like the current style, such as Yes (64) or No (1), which should hopefully help clarify some of the inconsistencies. (should there be a space after the Yes/No? should there even be a number for unstackable items?
  • The img and imgwidth parameters are available here now as well, replacing the old image parameter that was little more than centered free text.
  • Same for the rows parameter instead of the less flexible extraN and extrainfoN parameters.

And apparently I'm still missing some of the new parameters, so I'll have to add those as well.

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#16215 The wiki hits 7000 articles!

Posted by Celestial Oblivion on 19 November 2014 - 03:13 AM

To all editors of the wiki,


Please give yourself a hard pat on the back. We seem to have passed the 7,000 article milestone! Keep up the good work. :D

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#13630 First Look

Posted by dgelessus on 26 June 2014 - 10:01 PM

That's Tinkers' Steelworks -.-

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#11433 Hello

Posted by ZL123 on 27 April 2014 - 08:31 AM

Well, if you've been playing vanilla, you might feel that certain things are limited, as Unleashed is a 1.5 pack.

But if you're fine with that (a lot of 1.6 packs are still a WIP) then read on...



Normally when most people (at least that I know of) start playing on a world they begin with only one or two mods.

So here's a quick rundown of most of the mods. Pick a couple mods to start with... (recommended ones in bold, possible ones in italics)

  • Applied Energistics - I wouldn't recommend using this very early-game, though great later.
  • BiblioCraft- Has a few nice utility blocks, but shouldn't really be something you really concentrate on.
  • Buildcraft- Can do a few cool things like build stuff for you, mine for you, transport things for you, etc. The quarry is probably what you want to get mid-game, but requires a few diamonds (11 to be exact). Buildcraft used to be quite a 'main' thing, but now there are a few other mods that do similar things (probably better) I'd say this is quite the utility mod. Buildcraft's energy is called MJ, which stands for Minecraft Joules.
    • Logistics Pipes - Addon to BC. A bit like Applied Energistics, but it's more early-game, I'd say. Transports stuff, automatically crafts, stores stuff efficiently, can use peripherals like Furnaces, etc.
  • ComputerCraft- Adds computers and turtles. Really handy (if you know how to program it)! Uses the LUA programming language. Turtles can mine for you and can move around, while obviously computers can't (but they're still really great). Again, I've never really seen anyone using ComputerCraft as a primary thing anywhere.
  • DartCraft- Having just had my first experiences with DartCraft recently, I think it's really cool, but rather overpowered. Has compatibility with IC2 (which can be found lower down in this list). Uses Buildcraft's MJ sometimes and IndustrialCraft 2's EU sometimes.
  • EnderStorage- 'nother utility mod. Really useful (though somewhat buggy). Adds Ender Chests (these existed before vanilla ones did, and work slightly differently) and Ender Tanks and other things.
  • Equivalent Exchange 3 - Transmutes things into other things (8 iron = 1 gold, 4 gold = 1 diamond, other recipes available; all these recipes require a Minium Stone). A few other things exist in this mod, but nobody really uses them :P (many of them are also WIP, especially in the version in Unleashed).
  • Extra Utilities- Does what the name suggests. Adds blocks and items that the author thought were needed in the game.
  • Factorization- Again, this mod adds barrels, and a lot of people don't use Factorization for anything else. It does, however, have a neat ore processing system.
  • Forestry- Adds many blocks that do botanical-related stuff like planting and harvesting trees, wheat, carrots, potatoes, nether wart, etc. Also has a unique system involving bees. Uses Buildcraft's MJ.
    • Extra Bees- Adds more bees. A lot of these will probably be used by you if you're using Forestry's bee system.
    • Extra Trees - Adds more trees. A lot of these will probably be used by you if you're using Forestry's tree system.
    • Magic Bees - Adds magic bees. A lot of these will probably be used by you if you're using Forestry's bee system and Thaumcraft's magic system.
  • ForgeMultipart- Cool microblocks.
  • Gravity Gun - Adds a single item of the same name, which can pick up mobs and throw them around.
  • IndustrialCraft 2 - This one is probably one of the best mods out there, and certainly one of the first. Adds industrial-type machines (notably Solar Panel, Macerator, Electric Furnace) and items (notably Copper Ingot, Wrench, Chainsaw) and things (notably Rubber Tree, Nuclear Reactor, Quantum Armor) and really does have a lot of addon mods. Worth checking out. IC2's energy is called EU, which stands for Energy Unit(s).
    • Advanced Power Management- Adds charging benches and charges IC2 armor and tools quite efficiently.
    • Advanced Solar Panels- Solar Panels that create more power than the Solar Panel. Choose between this and CompactSolars.
    • Charge Pads - Adds three blocks that charge your stuff when you stand on them.
    • CompactSolars - Combine solar panels to save space! Choose between this and Advanced Solar Panels.
    • GraviSuite- Late-game upgrades and armor and tools and stuff.
    • MFFS- Adds forcefields. 'Nuff said. Choose between this and MFFS (Calclavia).
    • MFFS (Calclavia)- Adds forcefields. 'Nuff said. Choose between this and MFFS.
    • Nuclear Control- Adds things to monitor your Nuclear Reactor.
  • Iron Chests - Another widely-used utility mod. Adds Bronze Chests, Iron Chests, Silver Chests, Gold Chests, Diamond Chests, Obsidian Chests, Crystal Chests and the DirtChest 9000!.
  • MineFactory Reloaded- Adds many great blocks that do nearly everything imaginable. Uses BuildCraft's MJ.
  • Modular Powersuits - Adds... you guessed it. Modular armor. This armor can do nearly everything feasible that you would expect, as long as you add the upgrades you want. Not exactly early-game material.
  • Mystcraft- Based on the game Myst, MystCraft adds dimensions that you can make yourself! You just need to do a lot of exploration to find the right pages and stuff, and if you're lucky the dimension (called age) you make won't be unstable.
  • Natura- Bunch of bushes and trees. Berry bushes are good for you; collect them. Works well with Tinkers' Construct.
  • Obsidian Pressure Plates - Adds Pressure Plates made of Obsidian, which only detect players.
  • OmniTools- Adds an OmniWrench, which works as most wrenches around here! BC's wrench, IC2's wrench, Thermal Expansion's Crescent Hammer, etc...
  • Portal Gun - Based on the game Portal, this mod adds, among other things, a Portal Gun, not unlike the Gravity Gun. However, this one can also create Portals which you can travel through. Other things in this mod include the Weighted Companion Cube, the Radio, the Long Fall Boots, the Aerial Faith Plate, the Sentry Turret and music discs featuring songs from Portal.
  • QCraft- Nice mod that adds Quantum blocks and stuff, which sort of use quantum mechanics. Go check it out.
  • Railcraft- Minecarts and tracks and minecarts and tracks. Many of them. Way too many. But in a good way.
  • Soul Shards - Custom mob spawners.
  • Steve's Carts 2 - Adds modular minecarts! Many modules, too.
  • Thaumcraft 3 - One word sums this mod up: Magic.
  • Thermal Expansion - Very popular mod that does many things IC2 does, but differently and with nice interfaces. No use putting a 'notable things' part here, as everything from Thermal Expansion 2 is notable :P. Uses BC's MJ (but not in 1.6!).
  • Tinkers' Construct - Modular tools. When you first spawn in a world, it gives you a book called 'Materials and You by Skyla'. Read it.
  • Twilight Forest - Adds a whole new dimension and everything there is different. Might seem scary and weird at first, but once you get to know it, you'll learn it really is wonderful.
  • Wireless Redstone - What it says on the tin.

Hope that helped!


(Gosh, it better. Took me an hour to write this post :P)

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#11164 WHAT THE BUG????

Posted by hannoman on 18 April 2014 - 01:57 AM

Hrhrhr, some people would surely love that. If the miner doesn't come to the ores, the ores have to come to the miner. ;)

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Posted by ZL123 on 23 February 2013 - 07:00 AM

  1. Just remember that to mark a thread as solved, click on the answer that has helped you most, not any other post, because that post will show up as the 'Best Answer' at the top.
  2. Please make sure, when posting crash logs, long text or spoilers, that you use a spoiler tag. To do this, just use:
    [spoiler]Insert text here[/spoiler]
  3. Do not like your own posts! The amount of people who do this is... intriguing. Where does this custom come from?! xP
  4. Always start a new thread whenever asking a question, even if you find a thread with what looks like the exact same problem (especially if it's from 1948). This is so that we can focus on one problem on each thread at a time and not have the thread cluttered by irrelevant responses. Besides, your problem might not be the same as the other person's either.




Thanks for reading!

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#21658 Thaumatorium

Posted by timrem on 11 May 2016 - 02:38 AM

Have you completed the research for that structure?
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#21653 The "educational III" enchantment???

Posted by ostPavel on 10 May 2016 - 10:50 AM

Educational enchantment increases the amount of xp a mob drops when killed with an enchanted sword. I don't have the exact numbers, sadly.

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