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Iron Probs With Tinker's Construct

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For some reason, wheneveri use an Iron Ingot in Tinker's Construct, may it be making the Ingot Cast or using the Cast to make Ingots, the smelter doesnt recognize the Iron Ingot as an item it can use. I dont use FTB, but a custom modpack so i dont run out of memory all the time. Its getting annoying being forced to use IC2 machines to double my iron output



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Could you describe the problem a bit better? It's unclear which you mean:

  1. Is the smeltery not melting down the iron?
  2. If you place an iron ingot in a casting table, are you unable to pour Aluminum Brass onto it?
  3. With the Ingot Cast in a casting table, are you unable to pour molten iron into the cast?
  4. Do all of these work for other metals, but not iron?

First off, if the problem is #4, make sure you don't have any mod messing with Vanilla iron in any way. I don't know what mods your running, so it's possible (though unlikely) that the iron you have isn't the standard iron that Tinkers' is looking for. For problem 1, make sure you have enough lava (simple, thus easy to overlook after using it a while). For #2 and #3, I can think of 2 possible problems: another liquid is in the smeltery blocking you from using the aluminum brass/iron, or your seared faucet is on a solid seared brick rather than on a Smeltery Drain.


Does it work correctly if you pour into a Casting Basin rather than a Casting Table? If you're using it for ore doubling, this is faster anyway, since one click gets you a block of 9 ingots rather than pouring out ingots individually (just be sure to put ores in in multiples of 9).

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