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odd ID conflict issues adding mod

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I had tried adding Ars Magica to Unleashed. I've heard doing so causes ID conflicts, but I had no problem with that since I got the basics on how to fix that when it errors out.


The problem is, for some odd reason Unleashed does not error out with such conflicts. It absorbs it and moves on.


So, now I got Aviary pipes that I'm finding in the Ars Magica structures, where I should be finding elemental essences, and in NEI those items no longer exist. Without the error, I have no idea how many items are conflicting, nor what ID's are freed up to use.


But after some research I learned you can find a free ID through NEI. Doing so, I went back to Ars Magica config and changed the ID numbers that I 'think' were conflicting (it's hard to tell if I got them all, because there's no errors stating such).


Well, this is another odd thing that happens in Unleashed. When I changed the number in the config, it didn't actually assign it the number I gave it for some reason. After starting up the game, those items had totally different IDs. But if you exit out and go in the config, the number I changed each item to is still there. So....why Unleashed does not listen to the changed ID config, I don't know.


Either/or, that is my dilemma. I am not sure how to fix this.


Any enlightenment on this matter would be greatly appreciated.



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