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Molecular Assembler & RE-Batteries/Energy Crystals/etc

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Hi there!


I've built an Applied Energistics Molecular Assembler in my current server game. It's fantastic and honestly it's one of my favorite mods in the Monster pack.


But I am encountering a pesky problem. When an RE-Battery or Energy Crystal (and there are probably other items that are problematic as well) is in the recipe, it won't craft them. Mind you I have the crafting recipe for all of these items encoded into patterns and placed into the molecular assembly chamber. Also, I can request that the items be craft. Even if those crafted items are in the ME system, it won't use them.


And I think I've spotted the problem, although I can't figure out a solution. The metadata for the crafted item is different from metadata in the recipe


My attempted solution was to take a crafted item and to re-encode the recipe that uses it so that the metadata matches. But this doesn't seem to work. The recipe still requests and item with the old metadata, and I have no idea why.


An example: When a recipe requires an RE-Battery (something that I use A LOT), the molecular assembler requests item 30239:32767. But when I just request an RE-Battery on its own, it gives me item either 30239 or 30239:27.


Does anyone have any idea what I'm doing wrong?


I will greatly appreciate any input! :D



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Encoding the pattern by using the physical objects (not shift-clicking from NEI) is usually the solution here. Not sure why it's failing for you.

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