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Tunnel bores and fiery pickaxes.

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Hello I have the Direwolf pack and i have two quetions. The first one is why tunnel bore doesnt seem to be able to place rails on cinnabar ores but insteed stops. The second on is why the fiery pickaxe crashes the game every time i use it on like 7 blocks without pausing the mining.



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To answer your questions:


1) Most likely answer is that Cinnabar Ore is treated as a transparent block, and thus, the Tunnel Bore believes that blocks cannot be placed on it. It may also be that the Tunnel Bore does not recognize Cinnabar and bugs out because of failing to recognize it, as it is a Thaumcraft block. Does the same problem occur when it encounters Infused Stone? I ask because the two blocks, last I checked, share a block ID and are differentiated by metadata.


2) I couldn't say on this one, as I don't have enough information to say for sure. If the game creates a crash report, try posting it here and see if that helps. If it doesn't drop a crash report and simply goes blank/runs out of memory/closes out/etc, it may be due to the Fiery Pickaxe's auto-smelting capabilities: since the pick attempts to smelt every block that it destroys and then drop the smelted variant as an item, it may be that performing that many operations is too strenuous for FTB/your computer.

My username is digitallyApocalyptic. I contribute where I can on the wiki and I've previously built pretty much the entirety of Category:Twilight Forest. I play FTB Ultimate, some games on Steam, and I follow MS Paint Adventures.

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