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Easy Blood Magic LP


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Most people know that the Well of Suffering is a great way to generate LP for Blood Magic. Frequently it's used in combination with a dark mob spawning room with Cursed Earth to promote spawning. This works well, except when creepers decide to blow up inside and screw everything up.


Using v1.3.1 of this pack, Thaumcraft provides a nice alternative to this Cursed Earth method of feeding the Well of Suffering: Undying mobs. Any mob with the Undying title will naturally regenerate health, at a rate that's faster than the Well of Suffering will damage them. In my world, I captured an Undying Zombie Pigman in a safari net, renamed him so he wouldn't despawn, then made a bunch of clones via an Auto-Spawner on "exact copy" mode. With 40 or so pigmen standing around my altar, being continually damaged by the Well of Suffering, my LP network is always full even though I'm using Lava Crystals in eight tier-2 High-temperature Furnace Generators to power my workshop.


One issue I've encountered, however, is that my pigmen do appear to count against the hostile mob cap. When my friend set up a copy of this system using 100 pigmen, mobs stopped spawning at night as long as the altar was chunkloaded. Though I suppose some will see this as another advantage, rather than a downside ^_^

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