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thaumcraft 4.1

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is it at all possible to store the aspects in a drum and extract them to put in the research table? i would like to know so i can set up my creative world to have alot of each aspect. i have already found all aspects btw. please help



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You seem a bit confused.


Essentia is a liquid, which is used to craft items with the infusion altar and crucible. As far as I know, there is nothing outside of Thaumcraft(Other than Thaumic Energistics) that can store essentia in large quantities. You will have to use warded jars. An automated Mana Bean farm might be an option though.



There are aspects which you gain by scanning things with a Thaumometer. If you want research points in a creative world, you can use a Thaumcraft command to give them to you. If you just wanted all researches, you could use the creative Thaumonomicon. Essentia is not used in research, and the Research Table cannot have essentia piped into it.

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