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So I recently added to the old FTB wiki page and since then found out this one is more update and more people use it.

So i would like to transfer my edit from the page there to here, but the thing is i used tables and the page edit is different here. So my question is, how can i easily edit it on the new pages or will i just have to re type it all? 

Because when pasted on the new pages it just doesnt format well.

Here is my edit, for the lightning rod page so knew how much resources is needed.



Many resources are need in the construction of a lightning rod, this is just one of many ways:

Note: 1 Highly Advanced Machine block, 4 Energy Flow Circuits, 2 Lapotronic Energy orbs, 2 superconductors are used to make the super condensator.Read across top row of tables for how to make items, down the column for how to make top item.
8 Energy Flow Circuits 8 Elite Circuit Board* 8 Lapotron Crystal* (*Assembling Machine) 8 Platinum Plates*

8 Advanced Circuits*

8 Sapphires

16 Electronic Circuits

48 Lapis Lazuli

(*Assembling Machine) 8 Electronic Circuits

32 Redstone

16 Glowstone

16 Lapis Lazuli

8 Platinum Ingots*

48 Copper

96 Rubber

16 Refined Iron

32 Redstone

(*Plate bending Machine) 24 Copper

48 Rubber

8 Refined Iron

16 Redstone

8 Ferrous Ore

8 Mercury Cells

  (Industrial Grinder) 2 Superconductors 3 60k Helium Coolant Cells 2 Tungsten Plates 1 Iridium Plate 3 Energy Flow Circuits   3 Helium Cell

12 Tin Ingots

2 Tungsten Ingot* Iridium Alloy Ingot^

8 Industrial TNT^

3 Platinum Plates

3 Advanced Circuits 3 Sapphires 6 Electronic Circuits

18 Lapis Lazuli

(*Plate Bending Machine)

(^Implosion Compressor)

48 Glowstone* 2 Tungsten Dust^ 4 Iridium


4 Advanced Alloys**

Diamond Dust**

3 Electronic Circuits

6 Glowstone

6 Lapis Lazuli

3 Platinum Ingots* 18 Copper 36 Rubber

6 Refined Iron

24 Redstone

(*Industrial Centrifuge)

(^Industrial Blast Furnace 2500k)

(**Rolling Machine)

    36 Iridium nuggets 9 Copper

18 Rubber

3 Refined Iron

6 redstone

3 Ferrous Ore

3 Mercury Cells

      36 Platinum Dust*   (*Industrial Centrifuge)     36 Ferrous Ore*

36 Mercury Cells*

  (*Industrial Grinder) 2 Lapotronic Energy Orb 16 Lapotron Crystals 2 Iridium Plates   96 Lapis Luzuli

16 Energy Crystals

32 Electronic Circuits

2 Iridium Alloy Ingot^

16 Industrial TNT^

(^Implosion Compressor) 16 Rubies

192 Redstone

144 Copper

288 Rubber

48 Refined Iron

8 Iridium


8 Advanced Alloys**

2 Diamond Dust**

(**Rolling Machine)   72 Iridium nuggets     72 Platinum Dust* (*Industrial Centrifuge)   72 Ferrous Ore*

72 Mercury Cells*

(*Industrial Grinder) 5 Highly Advanced machine Block 20 Chrome Plates* 20 Titanium Plates* 5 Advanced Machine Block (*Plate Bending Machine) 20 Chrome Dust* 20 Titanium Dust* 40 Refined Iron

80 Coal

10 Advanced Alloys

(*Industrial Blast Furnace) 180 Ruby Dust* 80 Tiny pile of Titanium Dust   (*Industrial Electrolyzer)   480 Bauxite Dust*   (*Industrial Electrolyzer) Total Advanced Alloys

Bauxite Dust



Diamond Dust

Mercury Cells

Ferrous Ore


Lapis Luzuli


Refined Iron


Ruby Dust

Tin Ingots



















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We don't list crafting resources for items, as it differs depending on the mods installed.



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