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Well, as this is going to be my first post on the forum, I will use the advantage to introduce myself here.


So, I have started playing Minecraft in the late alpha, and guess what: first client pack was already modded. It had some sort of fan which pushes things around, like the current OpenBlocks one. So, I quickly became used to some additional content, and even though I was still playing Minecraft, I was not interested in it. But then Beta came out, with all the cool features and lots of cooll mods. The first ever versions of BuildCraft, IndustrialCraft, Thaumcraft, Equivalent Exchange were released. By that time there was competely no information about what these mods gave. No wikis, no guides, no videos on YouTube, even no recipes! 


That time was first when I have started documentating my ingame experience. Later things like CraftGuide, TMI, NEI appeared, making screenshots of recipes useless. But as the game developed, new stuff could become more and more complex. At Beta 1.9, when potions and experience was introduced, all the mods suddenly became incredibly overpowered, as mostly to vanilla MC, but much faster. That time was first when Cross-mod compatibility started to rise. When one mod could produce mass amount of stuff, other traded it for smth awesome, you could progress way quicker.


Release version did not bring much ingame, but it did to mods. Ah those hard days of trying to merge several mods that modify the same .class file and don't forget to delete META-INF folder. Those countless conflicts, bugs, instability issues. The same time, first good modpacks to bring dozens of mods at once. 


1.2.5 came out with pure essence of awesomeness, providing new possibilities for modders as well as pushing the game's limits. Soon after some nice guys recreated a SkyBlock with many mods, and here FTB began. Though FTB was not really popular, because Tekkit was rising all over the community. And Singleplayer Technic pack was the most complex pack ever done. At this version i realised that what I can produce, becomes extremally useful among other players, mostly russians, because i did not know English as good then. My guides were viewed my many thousands of players because they had the experience so few could even achieve. Breaking bedrock? No problem. Infinite EXP? Easy. 1.5 Quadrillions of EMC per hour? Here you are. 


Also Tekkit first developed my multiplayer skills. And my appealing to Towny - the most complex claim plugin. 


With 1.4.7 FTB developers started their awesome work to let players enjoy the hard modes together. FTB Ultimate. And my Russian GT guide at the size of 130 A4 pages. Pity the website with it is down now. That time I first got that Russian resources cannot teach me anymore. I left Russian community and started my sailing through unfriendly foreign virtual reality. 


1.5.2 offered the most unbalanced mods ever with the most unbalanced client ever. Start from scratch in the morning and finish Ultimate Solar in the evening - that is the most precize characteristic of that version. Complex mechanisms were made to produce even more, and that started ideas of total automation. 


1.6.4 came up with all the mods more balanced and even hard, but the veterans used to utilising extreme amounts of stuff on their needs were forced to think of most effecient generators and consumers. I have started YouTube channel to film my efforts. And doubtless the ReactorCraft Fusion tutorial turned out to be very popular, and is soon reaching 0.5M views. 


1.7.10 for quite some time is the most popular build. What haven't I done yet? I can't tell. After countless hours of doing what I like best I realised that magic mods is much harder to harness, to push them to their limits and to achieve the real endgame while automating stuff. Thaumcraft was the hardest in this terms. And I have taken it and now sharing my knowledge with other people who didnt even think of doing this to magic. 


Well, that's it mostly. I may have missed something, have questions - let me know :)

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Yay nice summary man!


Enjoyed reading :)





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Very descriptive, hi again but on the forums this time.

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