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Hi guys

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I wanted to help contribute and improve the FTB content, so I signed up. :)


Is there a backlog of known wiki improvement issues available?


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Heyo! While there is no such backlog present, you can check out modpack pages to see which mods haven't been documented at all. Those are preferred targets for eager contributors :)

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Generally, I'd say, just make changes where you think content needs improvement. There is always pages in need of improvement some are tagged with cleanup if they need to be overhauled. There's also stubs which need additional information. If you need any help, feel free to ask here on the forums or on a user's talk page



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There's also stubs which need additional information.

Stubs were what I was going to recommend.

Personally though if I like a mod and see it underdocumented I tend to document all of that mod

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Hey welcome!


Always good to see people that like to improve the information we get as end-users. Thanks and hope to read your content soon ;)





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