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Thaumcraft Rods and Thaumcraft 4 navbox

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I wanted to edit some pages about Thaumcraft wand rods and I found two articles about Quartz Rod/wand core:




Both of them talk about the same thing. So, which one should I edit?


And why is there two Thaumcraft 4 navboxes?


http://ftbwiki.org/Greatwood_Sapling (At the bottom of the page)




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First, the item in game is called Quartz Rod, not Quartz Wand Core. So you should edit the Quartz Rod page. 


Yesterday I have updated the Thaumcraft 4 navbox that has not been updated for almost 3 years. The current navbox can be viewed on the main page of the mod. Old pages still have the old navbox, but if you edit them, the navbox will update to the current version.


I have worked on Thaumcraft 4 addons for quite some time now and RZR0 and I have had many discussions on how pages related to Thaumcraft 4 should look like, so if you want to follow that style we have developed, you can take it from http://ftbwiki.org/Air_Infused_Stone page.

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