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List of items that can be scanned and replicated with UU?

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Is there a comprehensive list of items that can be scanned and replicated with UU matter?  I havent been able to find one that is anywhere near accurate or complete.  For example, the few lists that I CAN find (including on the wiki here) say that nether quartz can be scanned, but it doesnt work in game.  


Additionally, is there any config file where I might be able to add scannable items to the list?  I havent had any luck looking for that either.  For so called universal usage matter, it seems like there are actually very few things that it can be used for.





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I am not aware of any full or up-to-date lists of scanable items. However as a general rule of thumb, basic items are given a value that corresponds to the uu matter it takes to replicate it. Cobblestone has a value of 1, so compressed cobblestone should have a replication value of 9. IC2 "searches" for a recipes value based on the things it is made up of, so sometimes when an item is made from unrecognized items IC2 cannot calculate a value for it. (I.E. most modded blocks and items). 


In the IC2.ini file in the config folder there is an option to add values to things. Once you find it you have to enter the item ID Name and value you want so nether quartz would look like miinecraft:quartz = 25.

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