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NEW!!! FTB Infinity Server... join now

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welcome im hosting a new ftb infinity server looking for people to join send me MC names to white list come join and have fun :D




  1. No griefing, duping, hacking, or exploiting. If you are caught, you will be jailed, kicked, or banned.
  2. Lag producing setups will be broken down and placed in a chest.
  3. No racist, sexist, or offensive speech is tolerated in chat. Please keep it private.
  4. Consensual PvP only. Non-consensual PvP will result in a temporary ban, with increasing penalties for repeat offenders.
  5. If there is a dispute, keep it private, If you can not amicably resolve the issue, contact a Moderator/Admin.
  6. Gifting new players with game-breaking items will result in those items being confiscated.

Disclaimer: Golden bags of holding, if lost by any means, will not be refunded. Consider Ender pouches or other similar items.


join our teamspeak   ca14.ts3.cloud:1398

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