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Agrarian Skies Harvester Problems

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Okay, I have been playing AS for soe time now and have at last reached the mass submission quests. However, I've set up an MFR tree farm to collect wood for the 100k wood quest, but the harvester will not work. Here's what I know:


1: The harvester is plugged in and facing the right way.

2: The blade animation is running.

3: It's getting power from a lava generator and seems to be fine.

4: It is partnered with a platinum upgrade along with a planter with the same upgrade.

5: For outputs it has an itemduct to the right taking the saplings to the planter and one in the front that takes the wood to a QDS.

6: Both itemduct outputs have servos filtering their items and have redstone signals disabled.

7: Sludge is being outputted from the top.

8: Power is being supplied from the bottom.

9: The idle bar (blue) is constantly filling up and staying there, not going up and down.

10: Most importantly, it works (sort of). It does nothing for a long while, then cuts a few logs and stops. It doesn't even take the tops of the trees. The idle bar stops moving, and the whole thing shuts down.

11: The planters area is not full of dirt yet.

12: The planter seems to be operating slower too, but I suspect that is just because of a bigger area. It works fine when I collect saplings and input them manually.


Sorry I can't do screenshots :(


Does anyone have any solutions?



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Maybe you can post a video of it?

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I'd assume the Harvester is jamming up with an item you aren't handling, such as Apples. I usually recommend putting a buffer chest adjacent to the Harvester and pumping items out of the chest, rather than pumping items out of the Harvester (items will be auto-inserted into an adjacent chest, no ducts/pipes/etc required).

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