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Problem with ModPack creation

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  • IGN:Blackfire499
  • Modpack:Direwolf20 Pack

Hi guy's right now i try to make my one Mod pack 


but i got a little problem i want to make some Mods a little harder so iam using "avaritia"


but for some reason i get  "Cannot cast ZenTypeNative: crafttweaker.oredict.IOreDictEntry to ZenTypeNative: crafttweaker.data.IData"

but why i looked at other packs and did the same i don't understand


hope you can help me


Here the test Code

mods.avaritia.ExtremeCrafting.addShaped(<opencomputers:screen3>,   [[<ore:blockWoolLime>, <ore:blockWoolLime>, <ore:blockWoolLime>, <ore:blockWoolLime>, <ore:blockWoolLime>, <ore:blockWoolLime>, <ore:blockWoolLime>, <ore:blockWoolLime>, <ore:blockWoolLime>],  [<ore:blockWoolLime>, <ore:oc:materialCircuitBoardPrinted>, <ore:oc:materialCircuitBoardPrinted>, <ore:oc:materialCircuitBoardPrinted>, <ore:oc:materialCircuitBoardPrinted>, <ore:oc:materialCircuitBoardPrinted>, <ore:oc:materialCircuitBoardPrinted>, <ore:oc:materialCircuitBoardPrinted>, <ore:blockWoolLime>],   [<ore:blockWoolLime>, <ore:oc:materialCircuitBoardPrinted>, <ore:string>, <ore:string>, <ore:string>, <ore:string>, <ore:string>, <ore:oc:materialCircuitBoardPrinted>, <ore:blockWoolLime>],  [<ore:blockWoolLime>, <ore:oc:materialCircuitBoardPrinted>, <ore:string>, <ore:blockWoolBlack>, <ore:blockWoolBlack>, <ore:blockWoolBlack>, <ore:string>, <ore:oc:materialCircuitBoardPrinted>, <ore:blockWoolLime>],  [<ore:blockWoolLime>, <ore:oc:materialCircuitBoardPrinted>, <ore:string>, <ore:blockWoolBlack>, <ore:blockWoolBlack>, <ore:blockWoolBlack>, <ore:string>, <ore:oc:materialCircuitBoardPrinted>, <ore:blockWoolLime>],  [<ore:blockWoolLime>, <ore:oc:materialCircuitBoardPrinted>, <ore:string>, <ore:blockWoolBlack>, <ore:blockWoolBlack>, <ore:blockWoolBlack>, <ore:string>, <ore:oc:materialCircuitBoardPrinted>, <ore:blockWoolLime>],  [<ore:blockWoolLime>, <ore:oc:materialCircuitBoardPrinted>, <ore:string>, <ore:string>,<ore:string>, <ore:string>, <ore:string>, <ore:oc:materialCircuitBoardPrinted>, <ore:blockWoolLime>],  [<ore:blockWoolLime>, <ore:oc:materialCircuitBoardPrinted>, <ore:oc:materialCircuitBoardPrinted>, <ore:oc:materialCircuitBoardPrinted>, <ore:oc:materialCircuitBoardPrinted>, <ore:oc:materialCircuitBoardPrinted>, <ore:oc:materialCircuitBoardPrinted>, <ore:oc:materialCircuitBoardPrinted>, <ore:blockWoolLime>],   [<ore:blockWoolLime>, <ore:blockWoolLime>, <ore:blockWoolLime>, <ore:blockWoolLime>, <ore:blockWoolLime>, <ore:blockWoolLime>, <ore:blockWoolLime>, <ore:blockWoolLime>, <ore:blockWoolLime>]]);




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  • Modpack:FTB Lite 3

Hello. I'm trying to make my first modpack, a skyblock pack, so I just uploaded it to dropbox, but when I tried to install it on the technic launcher, I got the following error: Error unzipping a file for the following pack: TheTenthDoctor's Skyblock Attempting to extract file thetenthdoctors-skyblock-1.0.zip, but it did not exist. Please consult the modpack author. I have no idea what went wrong, so if anyone could help me figure this out, I would greatly appreciate it!




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