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ae2 mystery of crafting card

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I've been searching past 3 days trying to do it without asking for help but seems I can't cause there is no information on itnernet on how exacly crafting card works.


the goal is simple - when a log enters system it is automaticly converted to planks.



With an Crafting Card inserted, the ME interface can request autocrafting of configured items. This requires that the network the interface is attached to has crafting patterns allowing it to craft these items, and an available crafting CPU with sufficient storage.


I have crafting card in interface.

I have pattern in interface.

Network is attached.

I have cpu.


Nothing happens.


So I tried with export bus.

Attached export bus to interface, gave it an powered assembler to craft and puted in crafting card while patter is in that interface. 


Again nothing happens.


Can someone explain to me how exacly crafting card works and how to achive my goal?

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