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List of similar function devices

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I want to make different lists of devices that have similar functionality. It would be useful to know the possible ways to implement this function in modpacks.


for example


Devices that can pick up items

*[[Acquisition Apparatus]]
*[[Adjustable Chest]] with [[Collector Upgrade]]
*Carts from [[Steve's Carts 2]] assembling with [[Cleaning Machine]] module. (Some engine and items storage needs too.)
*[[Ender Collector]]
*some [[Golem (Thaumcraft 3)|golems]] from [[Thaumcraft 3]]
*any golems from [[Thaumcraft 4]] with [[Golem Animation Core (Gather)]]
*[[Hungry Chest]]
*[[Item Allocator]]
*[[Item Collector (MineFactory Reloaded)]]
*[[Item Collector (Random Things)]]
*[[Magical Hopper]]
*[[Obsidian Transport Pipe]]
*[[Ranged Collector]]
*[[Transfer Node (Items)]] with [[World Interaction Upgrade]] (more upgrades increase range)
*[[Turtle (ComputerCraft)]] can pick up items with commands "turtle.suck()", "turtle.suckUp()", "turtle.suckDown()".
*[[Vacuum Hopper]]

I think it would be useful to add them to the wiki. I see several options on how this can be done, but they are all no so good as i want.

  1. Add a list to "see also" for each item in the list. Excessive duplication.
  2. Add as a category. But in the list there are items with upgrades or a turtle with a small description.
  3. Guide? But there is no description for the article here. Just a list.
A good option would be to make a category. Mark items from the list with this category. And in the category itself, add this list in addition.
What do you think about such lists? Does anyone have any suggestions?

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