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streak1's Photo streak1 02 Feb 2013

As I have been playing Minecraft, I have made myself a few skins. I figured I would share them, in case you may want to use them yourself.



This was my first skin. I modeled it after Notch's skin, adding a hat, and editing a few things. I think I did a pretty good job with it.



This was the skin I used when I was playing the Aether mod. I still used my original skin, but I used this one for Aether to fit with the style more. It is modeled after Blue Swets, a slime-like mob added by the mod.



While I liked my original skin, over time I felt that it looked a little too similar to Notch's skin. So, about a year ago, I edited the original to make it a little more unique. I changed it to give it a dirty, used look, as to fit with the survival theme of Minecraft. When I'm not playing FTB, this is the skin I use.



Similarly to the Aether skin, I made this to fit in more with the style of FTB. I removed the hat from the original, and changed the clothes from dirty and torn to a lab coat from a Douglas Rattmann skin I found. I picked him for the coat specifically, since he is one of my favorite characters from Valve's games.   


As I said before, feel free to use any of these skins. I just wanted to share them with you and tell the story of why I made them.




ViperSRT3g's Photo ViperSRT3g 02 Feb 2013


Never really made much skins, I just play to play. But I use this one, Ghost from Modern Warfare.


ZL123's Photo ZL123 02 Feb 2013

Nice skins! I've never actually made one before, but I might try.


RZR0's Photo RZR0 03 Feb 2013

Hmm, I'm using a Dr Who skin, David Tennant <3


ZER0-0's Photo ZER0-0 06 Feb 2013

I have the skins of a knight with a blue cape and armor and a couple of camo guys and ninjas. Nothing amazing


TheLaw's Photo TheLaw 07 Feb 2013

I have the skin of battle start galcatica the, robot thingy, ummm... CYCLONES!Made by me


ViperSRT3g's Photo ViperSRT3g 07 Feb 2013

Those toasters are called Cylons *facepalm*


TheLaw's Photo TheLaw 08 Feb 2013

What, i just put a extra c in it?


Alister19's Photo Alister19 08 Feb 2013

Default Steve skin... Too cool for school I guess, I might change it now...

Firehawk's Photo Firehawk 31 May 2013


this website has nice skins got mine there


felinoel's Photo felinoel 08 Aug 2013

I made mine, it is just something mildly steampunk.

Grim123's Photo Grim123 12 Dec 2013

How do you get skins on to your ftb unleashed.... I know im a noob



timrem's Photo timrem 12 Dec 2013

How do you get skins on to your ftb unleashed.... I know im a noob

It's no different from any other modpack or vanilla: upload the skin to https://minecraft.net/profile


If you have a skin uploaded, but look like Steve, just try logging out and back in.


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