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Alternate FTB Textures

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As we all know, FTB adds a lot of new blocks and items. With many items comes the many textures that they use. While the mod makers do a great job at making textures for their items, the style they add to them may not appeal to everyone. While texture packs often have many alternate textures for vanilla items, it is uncommon for alternates to be offered for modded items. That is the purpose of this topic.


If you have made any alternate textures for FTB blocks and items, please post them here. Once you post, I will put the texture on this post, and will include a fancy description telling what the texture is for, and what texture pack it goes with. Please note that this is not a thread to add mod support to texture packs. It would be better to post these textures with the original texture pack thread, or to make a separate one here.


If you wish to use these, it's really simple to add them. All you need is a Image Editing program that can handle transparency (GIMP is a good example), and optionally a zip archiver find the files. First, find the texture sheet that corresponds with your texture. Many mods use more than one of these, so you may have to look through a few before you find the correct one. Than, open the alternate texture, copy, and then paste it over the correct texture on the sheet, making sure the texture is aligned perfectly. Than, save the image, and the changes should be visible in your game.



Lapis-like Ores for Faithful 32x32 by streak1


This is something I started a while back. I was a bit annoyed how most of the ores have the same shape, while Emeralds, Lapis, and few others have completely different ones. So, I decided to use these different shapes to change some of the vanilla and modded ores and make it more visually balanced.


These textures give Redstone, Coal, and some mod ores the same "shape" as Lapis. I chose Lapis because it is neither metallic or crystalline, and the ores the textures change have the same quality. They come in 16x or 32x. The 32x come in three versions to match the three versions of stone available with the original pack. Since they were made to go with Faithful 32x32 specifically, they may not look quite right with another texture pack. However, they may fit in with other "HD Vanilla" texture packs.


16x: redstone16x.png coal16x.png Copper.png Tin.png Uranium.png



     Faithful: redstonefaithful.png coalfaithful.png Copper Faithful.png Tin Faithful.png Uranium Faithful.png

Zombuster: redstonezombuster.png coalzombuster.png Copper Zombuster.png Tin Zombuster.png Uranium Zombuster.png

        Tiled: redstonetiled.png coaltiled.png Copper Tiled.png Tin Tiled.png Uranium Tiled.png



Spawner Lattice Soul Cage for Faithful 32x32 by streak1


While the Soul Cages from Soul Shards are awesome in every aspect of the word, the texture they use has always bugged me. The mod creator lazily copied the Iron Bar texture, only adding a few extra bars so it tessellates better. Sure, it fits the recipe, but it still seems a bit bland. As such, I decided to make an alternative texture.




Keeping with the Iron theme, I used bits and pieces from Iron Bar texture and put them into a spawner lattice pattern. It's hard to see the detail in 16x16, but with the 32x32 version, you may notice that I've layered the bars out to make them look like they weave together. The textures are also a nice alternative to the vanilla spawners, in case you want a different one.


cagealt16x.png cagealt32x.png



Better Tri-prong Outputs for Faithful 32x32 by streak1


Ever notice how the tri-pronged outputs for HV and EV are just three shapes on top of the base texture? I don't know about you, but the way it's shaped doesn't seem to flow well, like the holes are things on top instead of punched in. It messed with my apparent OCD, so I made a solution to it.


These textures try to make the outputs seem more like holes and less like bulges. I changed the shape to make it sort of "triangular", as to emphasis the holes in a similar way to the single pronged version. The colors were taken from the original textures, and the holes themselves are in the same position as they were before. Textures are included for HV and EV, and are available in Faithful-style 32x. Textures weren't included for LV or MV because they don't have the colored lines, making any change unneeded.


hvtranalt.png evtranalt.png




Better Obsidian Chest for Faithful 32x32 by streak1


Lets face it: the obsidian chest looks ugly. It's pointlessly blue shaded, and it looks awful when put in an obsidian room. However, the Ender Chest, which is also made of obsidian, looks great. Let's fix that gap.


It's pretty obvious what I did. I copied the Ender Chest texture, changed the gold parts to diamond, saved, and posted it here. I chose diamond because you craft the Obsidian Chest with a Diamond one, using the obsidian to reinforce it. Looks great in an obsidian room, or next to a Ender Chest. 







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Hope I helped!

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Added textures for ICĀ² ores. They are available in all three versions of 32x, and in 16x.

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I made alternative textures for Retrievulator form TubeStuff and sent it to Immibis since he said that he needs one:

YvKmeCJs.png tHYdHdIs.png 7ZFmIjrs.png

They are "somewhat" RedPower inspired because Retrievulator is used for RedPower Retrievers.

Here is the Download Link.

BTW - Nice textures streak!

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