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ProjectE + Chisel exploit

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In the Natural Magic modpack, these mods are both required. This exploit is fairly simple, and gets lots of EMC very quickly. You will need:


1 Chisel

2 Stone Bricks

1 Transmutation Tablet


That's it. Basically, have the tablet learn to make Stone Bricks (place 1 on left side). Use the Chisel to turn one Stone Brick into Mossy Stone Brick. Burn the Mossy Brick, and duplicate the base Stone Brick (place in center slot on right) 794 times. You will now have 794 Stone Bricks to turn into Mossy Stone Bricks, exponentially increasing the amount of EMC you have. The only limitation is how fast you can turn base Stone Bricks into Mossy.


Looks like the EE2 remake is just as OP as the original.

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Looks like the EE2 remake is just as OP as the original.

Ha, I'm not surprised.

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