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Handling Hellfish

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== Agrarian Skies ==
If you having issue dealing with them, then try the following as I have tried them and somewhat worked out:
I am playing agrarian skies. And sometimes, it is nice to visit the 'oven' for some ores to make some powerful weapons.

=== Preparation ===

  • Get heart canisters - give you longer tanking duration paired with some good enchanted body armors.
  • Wrap book - teleport out when you're low on health. 
  • Weapon with life leech II or above - I find this feature allows you to stand your ground much longer.
  • Beacon - piramid of iron blocks - health regen really come in handy (when teleport back). 
  • Magnum Torch - stop the spawning nearby
  • Use anything but netherrack or cobblestone for your nether base - we used sandstone and ghostwood.
=== Battle ===
  • Suicide mission by luring them elsewhere (lava or void in overworld). (Not recommended - unless you have load of lives) 
  • Bring Iron Golems as they are great soldiers in safari net, they will fight to the death! 
  • Steer backward while fighting.
  • Dig holes for them to fall down.
Share with me if you have better way on dealing with the hellfish.  Some said, until you get blood suit.  Some stated just run away - ya don't need nether.



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I just nerd pole up and kill them from above.

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