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Mystcraft age with more ticks

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If I put double speed (can they stack for lets say 8x also?) in an age, have I doubled the tick-rate then?

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To my knowledge, there is no double speed page in Mystcraft. There is a Double Length page, but this does not affect the rate of ticks in the world. It affects the rate at which celestial bodies (the sun(s), moon(s) and/or stars) travel through the sky. Half Length makes the sun travel at twice the speed (i.e. taking half the time to go through the sky), Double Length makes the sun travel at half the speed, Zero Length freezes the sun in the sky and Normal Length makes the sun take the same time as it would in the overworld.


To add extra ticks to an age, you'll want Accelerated. This adds extra random ticks per second. It does not work predictably (e.g. increasing tick rate by a given factor such as 2 or 1.5; instead, random amounts of extra ticks are added during random seconds) and is one of the pages which categorically causes instability to an age. This means that if you add Accelerated, there will be negative potion effects such as Slowness, Weakness, Nausea (this one is very annoying), Poison, Mining Fatigue, and possibly others that I've not yet encountered. Some of them will be dependent on exposure to the sky, and some will always persist regardless of location. It's also possible that Accelerated's innate instability is so severe that your age may decay (basically, the age's blocks slowly disappear and the age will eventually disappear altogether depending on the severity of decay.) If you so desire, you can "change" this instability into another form by adding pages such as Spontaneous Explosions, Charged, Scorched Surface and Meteors.


To my knowledge, there is no page which adds extra ticks to the world in a stable and/or predictable manner, but if there were, the page would most likely stack multiplicatively as other pages in Mystcraft do. For example, colors can "multiply" together (a red and a blue page together would equal a sort of purple color) and lengths will multiply together. I forget how Zero Length fits into that, though. 

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someone on The Shaft podcast recently suggested that by adding a negative effect to an age on writing, you could maybe dictate a tolerable result. Say by adding charged to make lightning all the time.  I haven't tried this myself, but it suggests that if you know Accelerated is going to cause a bad effect, that by specifically adding bad effects you can live with, you might be able to pull it off.

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