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Can't log in to server

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We've had a weird bug after today's update... Everything starts up fine, but when we try to load into single player it says "Forge Mod Loader has found world ID mismatches" and gives us the options yes or no... It looks like most of it is SecretRoomsMod. No problem, hit yes and log in, everything works. When we try to load the server, it shows the same error only it shows three items. AdvancedSolar Panel, type advsolar.ItemAdvSolarHelmet) is missing also .ItemHSolarHelmet) twice. Three ID's... ID 30832, 30833, 30834 and the only option is "done."

We've tried moving the server to a single player and loading it, hitting yes and playing around for a time. Then we save and quit and move it back to a server, but it still has the same problem. It doesn't generate an error message, though the FTB console lists it as a a severe error.


How can I change these id's or get past this error? Thanks for your help and time!




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To change IDs, first go into the folder of the modpack, such as Ultimate or Direwolf20 or FTBBETAA, but not the folder of the launcher, hit minecraft then config and find the configuration folder/file of the mod which adds the items. Open the file(s) with notepad or something like that, and it should be pretty easy from there.

Hope I helped!

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