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Automatic Server Backup for Linux

Shadowkill's Photo Shadowkill 05 Jun 2013

I was wondering if there is an automatic back up program i can use to back up the world. My server has been hacked a couple times and i really need a program that can backup the world. If anyone know's a plug in or a mod i can use to backup the world every 1-6 days that would be great.

Hippieshaman's Photo Hippieshaman 05 Jun 2013

If you are renting server-space, they should have an option for it. If not, contact them.


If you are running the server yourself, I'd suggest running it in a virtual machine (Such as a Linux distro within VMWare), and then restart the Virtual machine itself (not just java inside it).

This is because VMWare (as far as I can remember at least from when I used to mess with it) don't handle java memory leaks to good and keeps some of it, making the virtual machine itself leak memory. It is very simple to set up automatic restarts in VMWare.


RZR0's Photo RZR0 05 Jun 2013

If you're running on a linux server with shell access, I'd recommend writing a shell script to compress the server files into an archive, such as a zip or tar file and then upload it to a backup server over ftp or sftp.

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