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Incepticraft | New World ModPack - v6.3! | Dedicated Host! | PVP - Factions! | TS3! | 100 SLOTS! |

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  • Modpack:New World Mod Pack
Incepticrafts New World Modpack Servers!

Website: http://incepticraft.enjin.com
Forums: http://duoforums.pro...ft-server-board

- IP :
- 100 Slots
- Faction - PVP Server (So griefing and stealing will be allowed! 
- Team Speak: incepticraft.teamspeak3.com

This is Incepticrafts second server that we're running off of our dedicated host! This server is a faction - pvp server which means stealing AND griefing will be allowed. BUT don't be put off by that as if you are a player that just wants to chill and play the modpack then you are welcome to as you can get a plot in the towns that are/will be built so that you cannot get griefed or stolen from!

- Factions
- Chest Shop
- Log Block
- World Border (Stop people going millions of blocks out aha!)
- World Edit
- Essentials
- SimpleHelpTickets
- Iconomy

More plugins will be added when we feel we need a new plugin! If you want to request a plugin post it below or on our forums!

1. Do not be a dick
2. Do not grief anyone that lives in a town
3. Do not quarry (There will be a donator area for this!)
4. Do not use any form of chunk loading
5. Do not constantly moan!
6. If you have a bad attitude don't come on!
7. Do not use dupe glitches!
8. Have fun!! clear.png


To join just login to our server with our IP :

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