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Uranium Dust


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hey, being on unleashed for a few days now and gathered a few stacks of uranium ore, the problem i got is i want it as dust, i have both the pulverizer and macerator, but the ore wont pulverize and wont even go into the macerator, ive even noticed theres no dust in the menu list, has the dust being removed because i see it mentioned alot on the unleashed wiki and needed for a few projects ?






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My guess is Uranium Dust is added by GregTech, an addon for IndustrialCraft 2. GregTech is not included in Unleashed due to conflicts between GregoriousT and mDiyo, modmakers of GregTech and Tinker's Construct respectively. Thus, the main mod pack for 1.5.2 was split into Unleashed and Unhinged, the former being a mod pack containing pretty much every mainstream mod out there and the latter being a pack designed with consultation from GregoriousT and thus incorporating all of the balances changes that Greg would use.


Long story short, Uranium Dust and the machines to process it aren't there because GregTech isn't there, and I'm not sure you would be able to even add it due to the possibility of either GregTech or Tinker's Construct deciding to crash your game if either detects the other's presence. You could give it a shot, though; I've heard that someone put together a version of Unleashed that includes GregTech, so you could google that.

My username is digitallyApocalyptic. I contribute where I can on the wiki and I've previously built pretty much the entirety of Category:Twilight Forest. I play FTB Ultimate, some games on Steam, and I follow MS Paint Adventures.



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Actually the code that caused the crash no longer executes. That piece of code was an intentional crash in Gregtech that occurred when another mod tried to modify a GregTech recipe (as TC did). As soon as mDiyo noticed this, he removed the modification to GregTech. So now you technically can add GregTech back into unleashed, but it would be quite unbalanced due to, as you said, TC and GT not playing well together (you can dupe various ores). Not to mention, GT is not the mod you used to know - now it changes many aspects of gameplay in a serious way, from punching wood to crafting tools.


That said, like Digitally Apocalyptic said, Uranium Dust is no longer there because it's part of GT. Instead, you now directly compress your uranium ore into uranium ingots and use that in the relevant recipes.


Whatever you're trying to build, consult NEI to see your specific recipe, or if the block/item even exists. Chances are, if the wiki says it requires dust, it's probably a GregTech-only item and doesn't exist in Unleashed, since GT is not included.

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