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Unleashed keeps crashing

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Whenever I play the unleashed modpack, I can play for about 5-10 minutes before the game crashes and displays the message below. I have looked up how to fix this problem and have found no helpful results. I have ensured that my graphics drivers are up to date at least twice and I have uninstalled and then re-installed both Java and the modpack several times. If anyone can offer any actual help, that'd be awesome. Also, vanilla minecraft and the other modpacks all work fine, it's just unleashed that I have trouble with.


The error message follows



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In future, please put crash reports in spoiler tags, placing [spoiler] before the crash report and [/spoiler ] after it. I've fixed this particular crash report for you.

You've got a problem with LWJGL/OpenAL, the software that controls how audio works in Minecraft. Here's what I'd try doing in order of what I'd try:


  • Run FTB as an administrator (right-click on the launcher, click Run as administrator)
  • Turn your sound off while in-game
  • Open up the FTB launcher and find your install directory (Options --> Install Directory); go there in Windows Explorer, right-click the folder and click Properties, then un-check the Read-only box
  • Follow the instructions below to update LWJGL/OpenAL

Head to http://www.lwjgl.org/download.php and download the newest version of LWJGL (lwjgl-2.9.0.zip once you click on the link to Sourceforge.) Once you've done that, you'll need to determine where FTB is installed on your computer. This can be done by going to the FTB launcher's Options tab, where it should list your install directory. Open up the ZIP archive that you downloaded, preferably using 7zip or similar, and also go to your FTB install directory.


Below, ZIPARCHIVE refers to the ZIP archive of LWJGL you downloaded from the LWJGL site. INSTALLDIR refers to wherever FTB is installed to on your computer.


Open up ZIPARCHIVE/lwjgl-2.9.0/jar and copy-paste lwjgl.jar, jinput.jar and lwjgl_util.jar into INSTALLDIR/ultimate/minecraft/bin. Then, open up ZIPARCHIVE/lwjgl-2.9.0/native/windows and copy-paste everything there into INSTALLDIR/ultimate/minecraft/bin/natives.

My username is digitallyApocalyptic. I contribute where I can on the wiki and I've previously built pretty much the entirety of Category:Twilight Forest. I play FTB Ultimate, some games on Steam, and I follow MS Paint Adventures.

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