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Tinker's Construct Battleaxe possible bug

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Recently I crafted a tinker's construct battleaxe, going with manyullun for both axe heads , thaumium for the rod and paper for the binding, I usually use the 2 spare modifiers for sharpness.  I added auto-repair, sharpness, and the gold / diamond additional modifier, when I added 50 blocks of lapis for luck, instead of giving me looting, it gave me fortune.  I assume this is because it can be used as an axe as well.  Does the fortune effect act as looting as well for the weapon, or does the battleaxe not work with looting, does anyone know if this was intentional or a bug?  a fortune axe seems stupid, as it won't give you more logs per tree, and there's nothing else really that you use an axe for...  any help would be appreciated, and if it turns out to be a bug, i'll report to the mod author on the forum, just not sure if it was intentional, or even if it does give looting, maybe i'm just not noticing.


thanks in advance




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I don't have an answer to your question, but I do know that fortune isn't entirely useless on an axe. If you give it both luck and auto-smelt, the axe will give you more charcoal than you normally would get (as long as the fortune/smelt interaction isn't disabled in your config).

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