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Peaceful table sword compatibility

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I was playing around on a peaceful test world a while back and noticed the peaceful table, I've done some research on it but was unable to answer a few questions:


1. What is the average rate that it spawns and then kills a mob? (I.E. How often will it produce drops)


2. What swords are compatible with it?  I would assume all vanilla swords are compatible, but are there any others?  (Tinker's construct, nano sword, etc)


3.  If I put a table down, surround it on four sides with a chest and put a sword in each one, will it kill the same mob 4 times or will it even recognize more than one?


if you can help with this, thanks, I was having trouble getting it to work with a Nano-saber and tinker's construct weapons, but wasn't sure if it was just incompatibility or if I just wasn't patient enough.  I'm trying to set up a small mob-harvesting factory on a peaceful world without having to craft hundreds of diamond swords, so i'm hoping there is a renewable type of sword that's compatible.





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1: Don't know the answer, but I would guess it's standard mob spawn rate, so a chance of happening every tick. Could always test it - set it up and time it with a stopwatch.


2: Most likely just vanilla swords. Most mods that require non-trivial items (trivial being wood and sticks) aren't compatible with items from other mods - add to that the fact that the TiC and Nano swords are radically different from vanilla swords.


3: Unknown.


...: For renewable swords, let's consider a few things. First, regardless of the type of sword, it will instantly kill mobs and drop rates will be the same (unless you're comparing a looting sword with a non-looting sword). Meaning that for all intents and purposes, a wood or stone sword would be equally as effective as a diamond sword, it would just not last nearly as long - and might not be as easy to get the desired enchants if you're still relying on luck. Assuming that you aren't concerned about the enchants (either aren't bothering to enchant or enchanting is not a problem), this only leaves durability. Meaning that, as far as the Peaceful Table is concerned, a diamond sword is equal to about 26 wooden swords or about 12 stone swords. That said, let's not forgot all the auto-crafting methods available to us from the many mods in FTB, such as the Buildcraft autocrafting table and advanced crafting table, and AE's MAC. So assuming you have a steady supply of sticks and either cobblestone or a little more than twice as much wood, you should be able to make replacing swords trivial, or, with some gate logic/AE logic, entirely automated.




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I think it's like one mob every second or something.

Hope I helped!

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