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Ender Tank won't fill?

SyntheticBlocks's Photo SyntheticBlocks 23 Sep 2013

Hey guys, I have a Pump connected to an Ender Tank in the Nether, and another Ender Tank in the Overworld.

The two tanks fill normally for about a minute, then there is no more lava coming into the Overworld, as soon as I get back to the Pump in the Nether; it immediately fills back up.


How can I make it so that it continues pumping even when I'm not in the nether?


SyntheticBlocks's Photo SyntheticBlocks 23 Sep 2013

Could I use a Chunk Loader? I heard it basically breaks the chunk along with everything in it.


timrem's Photo timrem 23 Sep 2013

Your best bet would probably be to use an Ender-Thermal Pump, which provides the chunk loading as well as the pumping. Otherwise, you would have to set up some form of chunk loader to keep the Nether pump running while you're in the overworld. I've never had a problem with the ChickenChunks Chunk Loader; where did you hear that chunk loaders break everything?


Iamtk421's Photo Iamtk421 23 Sep 2013

I've heard reports of people experiencing issues with chunkloaders (including quarries, not just chickenchunks ones) and endertanks/chests causing the chunks to get reset, but never actually experienced it myself.


Buildcraft pumps make a mess of the lava, the gregtech pump works well, but isn't available in unleashed, so your probably best to just use the ender-thermal pump as Timrem stated.


Kahless61's Photo Kahless61 24 Sep 2013

I used to see chunk resets all the time from chunkloaders, back in the days of Ultimate. Haven't heard any since Unleashed, so I'm wondering if they fixed it. Either way, supposedly the Enderthermic pump is the solution to all of lava's problems.


ZL123's Photo ZL123 27 Sep 2013

I've used an Ender-Thermic Pump, works great.

Also used a Chunkloader, works great.

And an Ender Tank.


Just apparently if you try to put a Chunkloader in the same chunk as an Ender Tank, it has a chance of resetting.


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