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SG Unleashed!!

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We are all about the community here! Anyone 15+ can apply for whitelisting/membership. You will never be asked to donate, vote for items, or pay for any websites.
If you want to come check us out all you have to do is run version 1.1.3 on unleashed and connect to: sgservers.us as a Guest. If you like what you see hop on the forums and apply for full Membership Ranking. What could it hurt to pop in and say hi? We have the perfect balance of fun, disturbing, deranged, mature, anti-grief community around! Feel free to check out our dynmap at:
Want to know more? Hop in our mumble server at: sgservers.us port: 64738
Come visit our forums for further information!
Announcer - Automatic announcement of server information
Citizens - Provides the server with NPCs
ClearLag - Clears entities( Keep Inv on death is enabled here so don't worry.)
Essentials - Used for the Essentials commands in game we all know and love
GriefLog - Admin tool for catching griefers
GriefPrevention - Player/Admin tool for protecting land,bases,homes
LWC - Player tool for locking their chests, doors, etc (Updated YAML for Unleashed)
TreeAssist - Takes trees down with one log break using vanilla axes
WorldBorder - Sets a border in a radius of 4500 from the center of spawn(Massive)
World Edit - Admin tool for editing the map( Staff will not W.E. for players)
Enjin Plugin
ItemRestrict - Admin tool that bans the use of specified items
Fill out a Whitelist Application here: http://goo.gl/P4wuEH
Please be patient while waiting for an Admin response.
Be sure to check out our general info/rules page: http://goo.gl/aLZDIk
The fact that we have a greylist allows you to hop on and check out our server, without the process of applying on the forums and waiting for a response. This does however mean that you can't build anything, but you can look around and chat to the cool people of our community. If you decide that you like what you see, then you can pop a quick app, and be playing properly in no time!
Come say hi to us, we are always looking for new members and players to make our community even better that it already is!



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Hello all. Id like to introduce myself. I am Eyeball and I am the owner/operator/host of Secondary Gaming


I'd like to announce that we no longer have any sort of whitelist on. We have beefed up permissions and Guests can now build but have limited commands. Registered members of our forums will get the full member ranking. Feel free to swing by and check us out. All information can be found here:

Thanks for your time, have a good day :)

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Unleased 1.1.3


No Whitelist|Permissions|Beer

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