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Looking for a small, friendly and personal community

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Hello everybody!


After all of my friends lost interest in FTB and Minecraft in general, I am looking for some fine and mature people to play with again.

I dislike huge and clinical servers, to me it seems like playing SSP next to other people playing SSP. So that's why I want to find a rather small community of friends (maybe even 1 or 2), that like to share, communicate and build together. Some kind of "co-op experience", you know?

Being able to talk to eachother is kind of a must; Skype is prefered, TS3 is okay as well.

Personally, I have quite a tendency towards the Ultimate pack (I love Red Power), however I can be talked into Unleashed :D


As for my part: I'm 22 years old and from Germany, I consider my English to be not too shabby. I'm not a noob either - I don't know everything about every mod, but I sure know how to get the most important things to work. I like to combine aesthetic and functional building, so bonus points to anybody who dislikes square stone brick rooms!


So yeah, that's it pretty much - I hope there are some cool guys out there with similar interests and ideas!






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hey im 21, currently play on my own and would be great to have someone to play ftb with, so if you want my skype name is alex.mcintyre92.

hope to hear from you  :)

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