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Zombie Brains

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I just killed a really weird zombie with red eyes and he sprinted. After I killed him he dropped a brain.


What are the Zombie Brains used for.



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Zombie Brains are used for Thaumcraft purposes. They can be used as a cheap and easy source of the Corpus aspect and are also used in the Thaumcrafting of Brain in a Jar, a block which can store experience points and dispense gathered experience points when clicked. Combined with a Melee Turtle from Computercraft and a Soul Shard, this can allow for easy experience + item farming.


If you're not planning on Thaumcrafting, they have no use. I should also mention that the zombie you encountered is an Angry Zombie, a Thaumcraft mob with more health, damage (?) and agility than a normal zombie. Normal zombies will not drop brains, only angry ones will.

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