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A way to make Turtles run without being near?

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Hey I play FTB Ultimate.  I've created a bunch of melee turtles that kill the skeletons that spawn, take their stuff, and send it up the pipes to the upstairs.  My problem is that I have to stay there to make the skeletons spawn from the skeleton spawner.  Is there a way to make this happen without me being there?  I put a world anchor but it does not cause the skeletons to spawn.  ALSO is there a way to make the turtle automatically run the program sword instead of me having to type "sword" in every time the server restarts?




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Instead of you having to type in 'sword' every time:



Rename your program 'startup'




create a new program 'startup' with this code:




But for your other query, you could make a Soul Cage with a Tier 5 shard. I'm not much of an expert on Soul Shards, but I'm quite sure you need a very high Tier.


Tip: You can combine a Soul Shard with at least one kill with a Tier 5 Soul Shard in an Anvil, and it will take the first Shard's mob and combine the levels together, so you'll get a Soul Shard of Level 5 with the mob of the Shard with the single kill.

Hope I helped!

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Please read a little bit on the Soul Shard wiki page: http://ftbwiki.org/S...on_of_the_tiers

Note, at tier 3 or above, the shard will be able to spawn mobs without you being near it. Lower tiers require you to be near it (like a normal spawner). So to make it spawn mobs without you being near, you will need the shard to be at least tier 3.

Obviously, the chunk will still need to be loaded as well.

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