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Name in Item Template

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I'm just wondering whether we really need to see the item name emphasized four (or five) times on an items page, or, in this case, twice in the Item Template.


* The Browser Title

* The Article Title (top of the page)

* One of the first words in the article text.

* The Item template automatically displays it at top

* The item template name field.


The name field seems superfluous. We basically have this:


Item Name


Name: Item Name

Other Info






Also, while we're talking about templates, I'm thinking it would be handy to have a template that would simply display an Item's image and the item name, with a link to the item's wiki page. This is used on many disambig pages, or just as a handy visualization for an item mentioned. I'm not sure what the template would be called, but basically it'd work like this:


{{itemref|Wrench (IndustrialCraft)}}

Turns into:

[[File:Grid Wrench (IndustrialCraft)]] [[Wrench (IndustrialCraft)]]


Add an option to change the image size, an option for a custom image, and an option for a custom url/text.

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We can't do away with the "|name=" field. There are pages titled along the lines of "Monitor (ComputerCraft)", for which the "|name=" field overrides the article title with the item's actual name for the infobox header, as well as pages like NanoSuit which use {{Item}} multiple times. I do agree that having the name listed under the item image isn't necessary, since it's already in the infobox header.


As for the second suggestion, do you mean something like the Minecraft wiki's {{BlockLink}}?



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That's what I meant. Visibly, it's superfluous, however I see it's logistic necessity (for changing the name *above* the image)
As for BlockLink, Yes. Also like our own wiki's ItemNav. Just with more options (so it obviously wouldn't be restricted to just nav)




Edit: I've created a template here: http://ftbwiki.org/Template:Itemref and filled out the documentation so you can see it in action.




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We could possibly do away with rname and replace it with name, no longer displaying it in the box itself...

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