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Goalie2199's Photo Goalie2199 07 Jul 2013

Location:USA, PA
FTB Expirience:7-8 months
What you can contribute: I am good with IC2 and machines.
Why should we pick you: Im fun to hang out with and cool to talk to.
Additional Info (if some): Im friendly and i am funny but serious when i need to be.

Fletcher1237's Photo Fletcher1237 07 Jul 2013

Age: 13
Location: Auckland, New Zealand
FTB Experience: 1/2 a year of core FTB playing
What you can contribute: I can contribute a lot of knowledge about the core mods in FTB ultimate and I can contribute a lot of time spent on this server, having fun :)
Why should we pick you: You should pick me because I'm a experienced, fun-loving person who loves to help others and can contribute knowledge about almost all the mods in FTB Ultimate. I'm also experienced in FTB Direwolf20, FTB Mindcrack, FTB Ultimate, FTB Yogcraft and New World Mod Pack.
IGN: Fletcher1237
Additional Info (if some): I'm quite mature for my age and I have been looking for a good FTB Ultimate server for some time so please consider my application even thou I'm not 18+.

omgomg145's Photo omgomg145 21 Jul 2013

Location:USA, CA
FTB Expirience:I started with FTB beta and moved on to minecrack pack. I am very experienced with the minecrack pack because I started a long time ago(don't remember). I am very experienced with Gregtech and industrial craft because of the minecrack pack. I am a little bit familiar with a bunch of other things like buildcraft and forestry etc.
What you can contribute:I can make automated machines for other people to use.
Why should we pick you:I want to join a server that is fun and grief-free. I have never played on a white-listed FTB server before and I decided I want to join one.
Additional Info (if some):PM me if you want my skype. I have a microphone so you don't need to worry about me not having a microphone. :P


xfritz5375's Photo xfritz5375 15 Sep 2013

Age: 16
Location: USA
FTB Expirience: 2 months, but know a lot
What you can contribute: I can mine, build, get you everything you need, and mine more! Basically, I would mine everything, and you will never need a quarry or mining well.
Why should we pick you: I will do whatever you want
IGN: xfritz5375
Additional Info (if some): I know a lot about magic!

TheInterestedGamer's Photo TheInterestedGamer 28 Sep 2013

Age: 16
Location: Canada, BC
FTB Expirience: I have been playing ftb for almost an entire year now and i also played tekkit for quite a while before that so i have a fairly strong knowledge of most of the mods.
What you can contribute: I am a strong player that loves to help out, and loves to play FTB.
Why should we pick you: I've really been looking now for a while for a good ftb server to play on and this one really seems like the one for me, played on a few whitelisted servers in the past but they seem to have just shutdown over time so im looking for a new server with a nice community to play with, and i think i would enjoy playing with all the people on this server.
Additional Info (if some): none of note.


captianmambo269's Photo captianmambo269 30 Sep 2013

Age: 14
Location: South Australia 
FTB Expirience: Have Been Playing Since it Came Out!
What you can contribute: Since i have been playing for so long i am experinced in a lot of areas, I have OCD so i can help heaps with buildings and they wont be left in a mess!
Why should we pick you: Im a really easy person to work with and i am ready to help anyone if they ask
IGN: captianmambo269
Additional Info (if some): i really hope you can choose me as i have been wanting to join a small server for a while.

Thanks Noah


william-444-'s Photo william-444- 25 Oct 2013

Hey my user name is 


age: 15

Location: dallas Texas

Experience: I am a Admin a several servers helping on the machines and other mods, also i used to have my own server.

Contribution: I might be able to donate 20-30$ every 4 months, also i can put up youtube vids every few days

Why Should you pick me?: I would be very respectful and help out anyone on the server that needs help on certain mods, and i can help get the server and do YouTube vids.

IGN: hotshot444


Atern0x's Photo Atern0x 27 Oct 2013

Age: 22
Location: Germany - I consider my English to be quite fluent, however.
FTB Experience: FTB Beta, FTB Mindcrack, FTB Ultimate, FTB Unleashed. I know my way around most mods.
What you can contribute: I'm a huge teamplayer. I get bored of playing alone quickly, like to communicate, share and collaborate. Someone suggested a big project and needs a pair of hands? Sure, I'll join!
Why should we pick you: I'm not too shabby at aesthetics and like to think I have my own style of building. I can be very ambitious, if the setting is right. I'm friendly and respectful. It's a plus to get different nationalities on your server, right? :D
IGN: Atern0x
Additional Info (if some):
I've owned a vanilla Minecraft and later on a FTB server for some years - so I know what an admin expects from a user. I'm not toxic, do not make a mess (no cobblestone pillars, creeper craters, you know) and I'm always up for teamwork!


Fishbone5618's Photo Fishbone5618 23 Nov 2013

Age: 42 (43 in Feb)
Location: Central USA
FTB Experience: 2 months
What you can contribute: Team Player - Self Sufficient - Driven - Knowledge is slowly coming along.

Why should we pick you: See Above - I do like the solo aspect of building and crafting, but there are times when you want to go exploring, and having someone else around to join in the fun makes the experience that much better.  If I have something someone needs, its theirs (within reason - if they are making an honest effert to provide for themselves and need something, I will help them)
IGN:  Fishbone5618
Additional Info (if some):


AplusJ's Photo AplusJ 24 Nov 2013

Age: 16
Location: England
FTB Expirience: Around 7-8 months
What you can contribute: I know a lot about machines and the whole modpack in general
Why should we pick you: I can be a very active server member, constantly chatting to people and being a good community member
IGN: LocoRoco1122
Additional Info (if some): I play FTB a lot.


BattleDwarf321's Photo BattleDwarf321 29 Nov 2013

Age: 13 i would hope you would consider me before you automatically reject me, though if you did I'd be cool with that.
Location: Texas USA
FTB Expirience: I have been playing for at least a year now and i hope i can learn more as i grow on your server
What you can contribute: I believe that I'm a nice friendly person that will be active and help in any way I can
Why should we pick you: As i have already stated i am a nice friendly person and i will help if you need me. i am mature( many people to testify this) 
IGN: BattleDwarf321
Additional Info (if some): I have been searching for a nice friendly community to play ftb with for a long time now and i sincerely hope you will accept me even though I am only 13




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