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Connection failed, trying again.

Connection error fail

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[spoiler]Insert  FTBLaunch starting up (version 1.2.4)
AnalyticsBackgroundThread started
Java version: 1.6.0_31
Java vendor: Sun Microsystems Inc.
Java home: C:\Program Files\Java\jre6
Java specification: Java Virtual Machine Specification version: 1.0 by Sun Microsystems Inc.
Java vm: Java HotSpot™ 64-Bit Server VM version: 20.6-b01 by Sun Microsystems Inc.
OS: amd64 Windows 7 6.1
[i18n] Checking for updates ...
[i18n] enUS English language file loaded!
[i18n] remoteVer = 10
[i18n] localVer = 10
[i18n] Files are up to date
[i18n] Fallback enUS loaded
C:\Program Files\FTB\FTBLauncherLog.txt (Det går inte att hitta sökvägen): java.io.FileNotFoundException: C:\Program Files\FTB\FTBLauncherLog.txt (Det går inte att hitta sökvägen)
[i18n] Added 0 enUS to options pane
[i18n] Added 1 cyGB to options pane
[i18n] Added 2 daDK to options pane
[i18n] Added 3 deDE to options pane
[i18n] Added 4 esES to options pane
[i18n] Added 5 frFR to options pane
[i18n] Added 6 itIT to options pane
[i18n] Added 7 maHU to options pane
[i18n] Added 8 nlNL to options pane
[i18n] Added 9 ptBR to options pane
[i18n] Added 10 ptPT to options pane
[i18n] Added 11 ruRU to options pane
[i18n] Added 12 svSE to options pane
[i18n] enUS English language file loaded!
Loading modpack information for modpacks.xml...
Adding pack 1
Adding pack 2
Adding pack 3
Adding pack 4
Adding pack 5
Adding pack 6
Adding pack 7
Adding pack 8
Adding pack 9
Adding pack 10
Adding pack 11
Adding pack 12
Adding pack 13
Adding pack 14
Adding pack 15
Adding pack 16
Adding pack 17
Adding pack 18
Adding pack 19
loading texture pack information...
loading map information...
Adding texture pack 1
Adding texture pack 2
Adding texture pack 3
Adding map 1
Adding map 2
Adding texture pack 4
Adding map 3
Adding map 4
Adding map 5
Adding map 6
Adding map 7
Adding map 8
Adding map 9
Adding map 10
Logging in...
Login complete.
dirs mk'd
Loading Jar URLs
Downloading Jars
Connection failed, trying again
Connecting.. Try 2 of 5
Connection failed, trying again
Connecting.. Try 3 of 5
Connection failed, trying again
Connecting.. Try 4 of 5
Connection failed, trying again
Connecting.. Try 5 of 5
Connection failed, trying again
Download Failed
Error occurred during downloading the game
[i18n] svSE Svensk språkfil laddad!

Anyone know this problem? I got working connection, lol



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First, try restarting the launcher and trying again if you haven't already. Your problem may be due to the Mojang services being down at the time, as it appears that installation of FTB failed while downloading vanilla Minecraft files (check server statuses here and/or here)


If that doesn't work, try deleting your FTB launcher and re-downloading it.


If that doesn't work, try another mod pack or several to see if it's a problem with Ultimate only or with all others.


If that doesn't work, try restarting your computer and trying again.

My username is digitallyApocalyptic. I contribute where I can on the wiki and I've previously built pretty much the entirety of Category:Twilight Forest. I play FTB Ultimate, some games on Steam, and I follow MS Paint Adventures.

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