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Random client crash/close

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Hello.  I am having a problem with my FTB Ultimate client.


Whenever I am playing (both single and multiplayer), my cleint just randomly closes to the desktop (no error message in client).  There is an error report created on my desktop.  You can find the file at https://dl.dropboxus...err_pid8988.log.


This has been happening for a long while now.  Some times, it runs fine for hours on end, others it crashes within 30 seconds of starting.  It gets rather annoying when you are in the middle of something, then have to wait for a minute for everything to reload.


System specs:

Intel I7 3820 3.6GHz Quad

NVidia GTX 580 Classified (3GB onboard RAM)



I am running optifine with my client, but the crashes occur both with and without optifine (no noticable difference in crashes).


I give my client 12GB of RAM, mainly because I can, but also so I can run 128 bit texture packs without any issue (besides the issue mentioned in this post).


Any ideas/suggestions?





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As far as I can make out, you're having a problem with LWJGL/OpenAL. I would suggest force-updating to start with and then experimenting with the amount of RAM that you are using. Press F3 and have that open while you are playing the game. Your RAM usage shouldn't be as high as 12GB, I'd actually recommend using either 2GB or 4GB depending on how much you are using when the game starts up (if you're using 1GB or more when the game starts, go for 4; otherwise, I'd say go for 2, and if you have problems, increase from there) as having less RAM allocated sometimes actually improves the performance of the game.


If you are still getting errors/crashes, check the Show Console button and try to paste your log to Pastebin if you receive error messages at all when your game crashes. If you don't receive error messages in the console on a game crash, try to discern a pattern e.g. the game crashes whenever you use a linking book, whenever you go to the Twilight Forest, whenever you start an IC2 machine. I'm guessing your problem is with mod-added sound due to the fact that OpenAudioLibrary (OpenAL) was mentioned in your crash report, so try figuring out if one specific sound is your problem, if all sound is your problem or if sound is even relevant. If that doesn't work, you can also try manually updating LWJGL/OpenAL. The files you download from that site should go into C:/Users/AppData/Roaming/.feedthebeast/minecraft/Ultimate/bin and replace the default files labeled with LWJGL, OpenAL, and similar names.

My username is digitallyApocalyptic. I contribute where I can on the wiki and I've previously built pretty much the entirety of Category:Twilight Forest. I play FTB Ultimate, some games on Steam, and I follow MS Paint Adventures.

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