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Patrolling Edits

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Aerom Xundes

Aerom Xundes


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I have some questions about patrolling edits (the red exclamation marks).


Are the patrol markers a contributors-only perk?


What qualifies a page being marked as patrolled? Is it simply a way to say "A contributor looked at this. It isn't spam." Or, does it denote that someone who is knowledgeable about that mod or item looked over the edit and said, "Yep, that's some good info!"


I don't want to mark edits as patrolled if we are using the second convention.




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An edit is patrolled if it has been verified by a contributor or admin. These users will also automatically have their edits marked as patrolled.



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Even spam edits should be marked as patrolled, once the changes have been reverted (as evidenced by the Rollback function automatically marking reverted edits as patrolled). Personally, I only mark edits as patrolled if I know that the information added is valid, if it's a simple change such as spelling/formatting, or if it's an unconstructive edit that's already been reverted.



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Wikimedia's guidelines say:

When you check the page, you should mark it as patrolled if (a) you see that it is a good page or (B) before you tag it for deletion. If you are not sure about what to do with a page, do not mark it as patrolled; another editor will review it later.


So generally, if you think it looks good, go ahead and mark it as patrolled. If you aren't sure if the information is correct (especially when an unregistered user just modifies a number, or such), skip it, and another patroller who might be more knowledgeable will see it.
Personally, when I have access to FTB, I'll actively test out anything new I see if I'm unsure about it. In those cases, I'll mark it as patrolled, test it out, and change it if need be.


If you know information is incorrect, mark it as patrolled anyway and then correct it.

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