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introductionshaw fujikawa

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Shaw Fujikawa

Shaw Fujikawa


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Sorta debated making this thread or not since the last post on the board was over a month ago, but I might as well try to breathe a little livelihood into the place before it all goes silent again.


I'm Shaw Fujikawa! Pleased to meet you. :)


Some of you might have seen me on the FTB Wiki by Wikia.com where I drop by on the Questions and Answers board on occasion. It's this wiki I've done most of the editing though - I was the anon who created the Thermal Boiler, Large Steam Turbine, Machine Box and Tesseract Generator pages since I was personally very annoyed at how poor GregTech's documentation is in general and sought to fix it. There's a lot to cover, but I'll get there in time.


For those historically-inclined people who care about how I came to be...




My favourite mods are GregTech and Applied Energistics. Say what you want about the former, but as someone who totally lacks any creativity whatsoever I just love having all these super expensive machines to keep me occupied while Minecraft slowly updates as usual. AE... well, who doesn't love that mod?


That's pretty much all I got for now. Questions, queries, inquiries, ask them here or message me.




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Hi there and welcome! Nice job on those GT pages!

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Sorta debated making this thread or not since the last post on the board was over a month ago

Yeah this category is a bit underused, but welcome anyways.
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