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Giant holes in world.

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Long story short: I recently started playing the yogcraft pack, but in every world i create, I get giant holes in my world, and F3+ a, relogging ,rebooting do nothing.

Screenshots below.




Any help would be appreciated.



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Do these act like the common desync world holes, where you bounce about when you try to walk into it, and placing blocks is strange?

Or are these proper world holes, where you fall into the void, and placing blocks acts as if there's truly nothing there?


Edit: More information that could be helpful: System specs (memory, java version, etc), and: does this happen with other FTB modpacks.




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Just a thing i noticed as an side effect of using MCEdit I found that MIGHT help you fix your world. 


In MCedit if you paste even one block into an unloaded chunk it can cause the whole chunk not to form. My guess is this can happen if something like lava, water or even a mob was in "the hole" when you logged off at some point.


My "fix" would be to load your world into a world editor, copy the good chunks to a file, use your same SEED # to make a New world, then in both worlds make some sort of Landmark at the exact same x,y,z so it can be seen above trees ect, which will help with lining up pasting you "old Chunks" to the new map. 


Tips: make sure you check copy air, water & biome so you don't lose tunnels or have trees in your buildings lol


Another thing you can do as "back-up" and might be more use: make the new map in creative mode and use a macro program & the /tp command to tp you 500 blocks or so every couple minutes, you can cover alot of map real fast that way then save the level.dat file as backup. you can copy from the "creative" version and paste it into to missing chunks of your non-creative world. 


there are Pruning & repopulate options but you might get a 1 chunk extreme hills in the middle of your swamp,...


I'm no expert on editors, I just know how I fix my issues like yours

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