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Unhinged Modpack - Tool Crafting not working.

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Recently I played the Feed The Beast Modpack "Unhinged".


While most things are working fine I noticed I can't craft tools such as: Iron Pickaxes, Bronze Pickaxes, Iron Axes, and Bronze Axes.

I also noticed that when I try to make wood planks from any type of log, I only get two planks instead of the typical 4.

The same applies when I try to craft sticks.


If anyone has some tips that could help I would be very appreciative, or for those who made the Modpack they could look into this.





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What you're seeing is GregTech at work, those are all features of the mod. I don't have much to say beyond that; I prefer Unleashed because it doesn't have those 'balance' tweaks. I'd say to look up the new recipes for the pickaxes in NEI, but as I understand it, Unhinged doesn't even include that mod.

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I think Iron Pickaxes require Iron Plates, a Hammer of some sort and a... File or a Lathe I think...

I can't seem to find any real sources of information on Google.


Looks like NEI is on Unhinged, according to this page.

Just look it up on NEI, and maybe post what that other tool is, just out of curiosity. :P

Hope I helped!

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All of the balance tweaks that you mentioned are 100% intentional on the part of the mod pack maker, GregoriousT. He designed this mod pack and coded GregTech, the mod which implements many of the balance changes. You can probably modify this if you're willing to delve into Greg's lengthy and under-documented config files; good luck with that, though :/


To make any metal tools, you will require a Hammer and a File. You will also require plates of whichever particular ingot type you are using to make the tool, which can be made with Hammers at a 2:1 ratio or with a Plate Bending Machine at a 1:1 ratio. To make a Pickaxe, it would require two ingots, a plate and two sticks. Hammers and Files are not used up in the crafting and have different durabilities depending on what material you create them out of, with 8 durability being used per tool, plate or rod crafting.


To make a pickaxe, I believe it's:


P  I  I




where P is a plate of any ingot type

I is an ingot of the same ingot type as the plate

H is a hammer of any type, excepting Rubber

F is a file of any type

S is a wooden stick

and X is an empty slot.


I'm not 100% sure on the exact recipe, so you'll probably want to use NEI to figure that out. However, I am certain that you will need hammers, files and plates to make all tools in the Unhinged pack; there's no way around this, unfortunately, so you will have to continually make hammers and files if you need to continually make metal pickaxes.


My advice? Make a drill, add TConstruct, or be very, very conservative of your metal pickaxes.

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