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Rubber Tree Farm

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So I've been trying to create a rubber tree farm using Planters and Harvesters from MFR, but I never seem to get a surplus of saplings. I've tried the MultiFarm from Forestry for this purpose before, but that's worse I think (often it doesn't tear down a lot of the leaves, so saplings just fall onto the thing). I've done Steve's Carts for ordinary Oak Wood Trees, but not for Rubber Trees. I don't think it'll be much of a difference though.




Also, is there an Automatic Treetap block that can automatically tap my trees? That'll be very handy. I know there used to be one from older versions of Forestry.

Hope I helped!

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For acquiring sticky resin, I use the multifarm from Forestry. With the proper circuit board installed (I believe it requires the rubber cathode tubes used in Manual mode), it will tap the resin spots on the rubber trees whenever they regenerate. I also use the bug that allows Portal Guns to pick up the resin-bearing logs so that only those are on the multifarm, after growing the rubber trees manually.


In arboretum mode, though, the multifarm should still pick up saplings which fall onto it as leaves decay. At least, it works that way with Forestry trees.

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