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Minecraft crashes

SomaticAGate252's Photo SomaticAGate252 17 Nov 2013

I've been having trouble logging in a server on FTB I have tried doing the search appdata and deleting the bin folder, recently I uninstalled FTB and reinstalled it and I still  get the same error.  Attached is the crash report, if this is not the place and you tell me where to post this for a solution





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dgelessus's Photo dgelessus 17 Nov 2013

That's a problem with one of the infamous tile boxes. If you use the Force Wrench to pick up a tile entity, you may end up with one, if the block you picked up is not compatible. Tends to happen with Tesseracts and such.

If you know for sure that you had one in your inventory, you should tell the admin/owner to delete it. If you didn't have one, tell the admin anyway, so he can perhaps find it somewhere else.


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