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Is Mystcraft broken?

Knight9910's Photo Knight9910 28 Nov 2013

I've been playing around with Mystcraft and as near as I can tell my pages do basically nothing. I'm trying to make a specific world - single biome (desert hills), dark sun, normal moon and stars, dungeons, dark lighting, skylands, normal weather, and I used NEI to acquire and include the "clear modifiers" page because the wiki told me I had to due to a bug.


When I input this, however, it doesn't give me the world I wrote, at all. I've been using my notebook and writing desk to copy out the pages and remake the world and every single one that I've made is wrong. It randomly selects biomes for me (one time it gave me a glacier and a fire swamp, another time it gave me grassy hills), it keeps giving me ender worlds instead of skylands, and the latest time it even gave me a cave world. About the only thing it's actually getting right is the dark sun.


As near as I can tell Mystcraft is just broken, pages do nothing, and you recieve a random world every time no matter what. This can't be the case, can it?


If it helps, I'm using FTB Ultimate.


dgelessus's Photo dgelessus 28 Nov 2013

Mystcraft is very sensitive about what pages you put in, and in what order. If one of the rules is not followed, the age will become random and probably unstable. Unfortunately I'm no expert on the new Mystcraft writing system, but that Clear Modifiers page should probably go before anything else. Also check that the Desert Hills page comes immediately after the Single Biome page. It could also be possible that there is some intended incompatibility between two pages, maybe biomes or dungeons don't work right with Skylands, but that's just my educated guess.


Knight9910's Photo Knight9910 28 Nov 2013

I've tried it with and without dungeons, with desert hills before and after single biomes. I haven't tried putting clear modifiers first, though.


blaurascon's Photo blaurascon 29 Nov 2013



There's a guide here on making a stable Space-like age in Mystcraft - may be able to use this as a "frame" to build your age on (page order etc). 


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