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[English Ultimate] [FTB] [Mature] [Whitelist]

ftb ultimate mature

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  • IGN:English_88
  • Modpack:FTB Ultimate

English Ultimate

Brand New Map and Server
No Griefing, will result in a ban.
No Stealing, will result in a ban.
Be conscious with usage of quarrys.
Leave space for players to grow.

This will be a mature server, im going with 20+ age restriction. If your not 20+ dont apply.
It will be a max 10 player server whitelisted.
Be active at least once a day please. Trying to create a community not just randoms on each corner of the world.
Open to any concepts, Im opening this server once I have a few people interested.

Whitelist Application Form:

Mod Specialty:
Aims on the server:
How active are you:
Style of play:
Lonewolf or Teamplayer:




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  • IGN:Fishbone5618
  • Modpack:FTB Ultimate

Username: Fishbone5618

Age: 42
Location: Central USA
Mod Specialty: Not for sure - Still fairly new, 2 months experience
Aims on the server: Grow, have fun, build some great structures
How active are you: Every day - most the time, multiple hours.  Afternoon / Evening / Late Evening / Early Morning
Style of play: I do like the solo aspect of building and crafting, but there are times when you want to go exploring or have a project big enough for more than 1 person, so having friends join in makes the experience that much sweeter.

Lonewolf or Teamplayer:  Depends on what I am doing to be honest.




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  • Location:Australia
  • IGN:DemonIsIn
  • Modpack:FTB Ultimate

Username: DemonIsIn
Age: 25, almost 26
Location: South Eastern Australia
Mod Specialty: Don't really have one at the moment, just trying to learn as much as i can from each mod
Aims on the server: Have fun, meet new people, build a giant base above and below ground
How active are you: will be active every day, depending on my real life and my internet, mostly on in the afternoon to evening my time
Style of play: Mostly solo stuff, but always willing to help others if they have a problem and i know how to fix it or even if they need materials
Lonewolf or Teamplayer: kind of in the middle i guess, i usuall start off lonewolfing, but as i settle in i become more team orientated




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  • IGN:Uncagedvirus
  • Modpack:FTB Unleashed

Username:  Uncagedvirus

Age:  39

Location: Eastern US

Mod Specialty:  Spent a lot of time with forestry, bees and farms, but have tried out other parts of the pack as well.

Aims on the Server:  To have fun with a small group of people, instead of just playing on a single player map.

How Active are you:  I play about 6 or 8 hrs a week, mostly on weekends, but couple days during the week in the evening.

Style of Play:  Mostly epic builder, have troubles with interiors of buildings.

Lonewolf or Teamplayer:  Mostly lonewolf, but looking for more teamplayer type builds.  will probably start off mostly lonewolf, just for the fact that you have to get established before you can be helpful to others.




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  • IGN:outcast7789
  • Modpack:MindCrack Pack

Username: outcast7789
Age: 24
Location: north eastern usa
Mod Specialty: redpower 2, ic2, buildcraft
Aims on the server: Have some fun with other players, share ideas and hopefully learn some new ideas as well.
How active are you: one to three hours a day usually during the evening hours estern standard time.
Style of play: I am a dwarf, I love to live underground and mine insane amounts of materials from my local area. I do not like disturbing the natural terrain generation so when I do build above ground I do my best to make it nice.
Lonewolf or Teamplayer: Usually I am solo but I am looking for a server so I can do more team oriented builds, trade resorces, and generally have fun.

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