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Need help with Blood Temple

- - - - - Blood Magic EnderIO Spawners

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Okay First thing's first. Hello everyone! First time poster here.


All right. So for years I have played minecraft vanilla. Maybe a mod or two here or there, but nothing big. Until a month or two ago when I joined my GF's guild server, which uses a FTB modpack. So now I'm playing on this server and there's whole worlds (literally with mystcraft and Twlight forest) to explore and learn.


So I was recommended grabbing a couple of mods out of the pack and focusing on learning those. So I have been working on a few: Tinker's Construct, Bibliocraft, Botanica, and Blood Magic. I've reached an end to Tinker's construct and feel I know how to do anything in it (read the in-game documentation back and forth, can make any of the tools, etc) so I'm not worrying about it. I have a little of bibliocraft down, made a few weapon racks, tables, chairs, and bookshelves. I've been focusing on Blood Magic, with a little bit of Botanica to help me get started in Blood. (I have progressed enough to make a Fallen Kanade flower which regens me, allowing me to sacrifice a lot of health to fill the altar. I should note that our Modpack does NOT have Thaumcraft.


Now I'm at Tier 3, and working on upgrading all the runes before I move to Tier 4. I have built a really awesome blood temple that is already set up to the tier 5 dimensions and should look pretty sweet when it's all done.


Now, I want to make the blood flow. I am excavating a space under the altar to put a blood farm. I want to use the ritual Well of Suffering, alongside some suggested Powered spawners. I am working on getting the spawners (I need emeralds. :/) and making enough ritual stones, etc.


What I want to do is this. I want the ritual to be set up in a 11x11x5 room directly under the altar (Using the altar as the ceiling, since from what I read there's a limitation to the reach of the ritual. I want to put four spawners in the room, one in each corner.


How I want it to work is that I have made a Sword Stand out of Bibliocraft, which provides a Redstone current when a sword is put in it. I want to be able to walk up to the altar, put my sword in the stand, and have it not only power the spawners, but also resume the ritual and light up the temple with some redstone lamps I have been finding in the game (Ruins mod).


I would really, REALLY appreciate some help with the best way to set this up. I'm a complete novice when it comes to many of these mods. So if anyone could offer some advice, build suggestions, or other mod resources to be able to make this as awesome as possible I'd appreciate it.


I'll post pictures of the temple if requested. Please let me know if anything else is needed from me, okay? :)

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