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Waypoint Recovery?

Octopusmaster's Photo Octopusmaster 12 May 2013

  I noticed that my waypoints were missing in my world, and I had VERY important coords in there (very far away from base) and I search on the Internet to find why this happend.

  Then, I found out that VoxelMap waypoints, for the most stupidest reason ever, they store the points in the regular .minecraft folder. I realized then, because I was earlier changing my version on Vanilla MC for a server, they had been deleted.

  That is my first statement, as why they got deleted. But the real reason right here is, does anyone know how to get them back. It would be a pain in the head and hand just to find those waypoints again, as I most likley went more than 3000 blocks away from my base, in almost all four directions.

                                                               I just want them back :/



ViperSRT3g's Photo ViperSRT3g 12 May 2013

If you had a restore point for your folder saved, you potentially have the ability to restore the minecraft folder back to this previous form. Aside from that, the chances are slim that you will get this information back.

TKD_Warrior's Photo TKD_Warrior 13 May 2013

If you are running Windows you can do a system restore to a date before you updated and then save a copy of the waypoint folder before you let it update.  


Iamtk421's Photo Iamtk421 13 May 2013

If that is the case you'd be able to right click the fold and use "Restore Previous Versions" instead of doing an actual system restore.


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