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Equinox! [No Whitelist!][Towny][Essentials][Chest Shop][97 Slots]

Towny LWC Equinox FTB Open No Whitelist Ultimate Great Community Friendly Staff No Banned Mods

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Equinox FTB

Equinox FTB


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Why Equinox


This is the latest server brought to you by BxBServers! Equinox is an open server running the FTB Ultimate Pack, with only a fraction of the pack even touched by restrictions. Towny enables you to create a safe haven for you and your friends, and you can rest assured knowing that your items are safe with LWC, which automatically protects all your important blocks, including all those added by FTB. Equinox is a great place for the vastly knowledgeable masters of Feed the Beast, and provides a safe and interesting place for those that are new to the pack, while learning from the more experienced on the server. We have a dedicated and mature staff team with several years of running servers under their belt, who are always friendly and willing to help. If you want any further information regarding this server please feel free to contact us with a pm, and we hope to see you soon!


IP: ftb.bxbservers.com

TeamSpeak: ts.bxbservers.com



Banned Items


Banned Mods:





Restricted Mods:



Mystcraft - Pages can still be found within the map, but the ages can’t be crafted or created due to high server load when making dimensions.



PortalMod - Portal guns can’t be created or found in dungeons, but are given as a donator perk. All other items in this mod can be crafted.


Banned Items:



Chunkloaders - Causes Unnecessary Lag And Crashing


Spotloaders - Donators are allowed one spotloader


World Anchors - In The Same Boat As Chunkloaders



Canvas bags - Duplication Problem


Gravity gun - Is There Really Any Explanation Needed For This One?


Wrath Igniter - We Prefer The Server Not Burn Down Thank You


Magic Energy Absorber - Causes Mass Evil With Thaumcraft







General Rules:

No Griefing

No Duplication

No Hacked Clients (included adding mods that give game play advantage like x-ray)

No Building or mining within towns of a 100 block radius without explicit permission from the town's mayor.

Do Not Intentionally abuse glitches or game mechanics, please report them to a member of staff

No Harassment in any form to players or staff.

No excessive Pixel Art

No Creation walls of water/lava.

No 1x1 Towers unless you remove them once you’ve finished with it.

Do not create huge automated mob farms (ie Ender farms)

No abuse of LWC and or looting chests while protected

Do not attempt to crash the server Any attempt = Perma Ban

Do not create mass amount of entities and not clean them up

Abuse of items will get them revoked and destroyed.


Explanation On Griefing:

Griefing may be defined as:

Breaking into areas otherwise impossible to enter

Destroying blocks in another player's structure.

Taking other peoples belonging without permission.

Placing blocks in or around a structure which you do not own.

Leave abusive messages in any form.

Teleporting group members to your person and engaging in hostile actions against said group members.

Causing mass entities spills and not cleaning up.


Chat Rules:

The following actions are prohibited while in in-game chat channels, TeamSpeak, and any Equinox related forums:

Harassing, threatening, embarrassing, giving unwanted attention or discomfort to another player.

Keep swearing to a minimum.

No Impersonation of any staff member.

No Marketing, promoting or advertising of anything, or making any other form of solicitation.

No use of any language besides English in main chat channels (excludes private chat)

No Spamming, begging, whining, and other similar forms of unwanted chat clutter.

No Discussing religious/political views (We don't want to know)



If at any time you make a mistake that breaks any of the rules let the staff know and we will fix it. You are much less likely to get in trouble if you report the issue right away.


By Playing on the Equinox you agree to these rules, rules may change at any time.


A ban on any of the BxBServers will ban you from all of them




Player Ranks


These ranks are obtained by playing the game and can help you progress quicker with one-time use kits of useful supplies at every rank. In addition, every rank you earn will give you an in-game money bonus to reward you for playing.


Nomad -


·Basic rank, $75 to start.


Explorer -


· Acquired after 4 hours of gameplay

· Access to one-time use Explorer Kit and $250


Settler -


· Obtained after 25 hours

· Ability to set 2 Homes

· Access to one-time use Settler Kit and $500


Resident -


· Obtained after 50 hours

· Access to one-time use Resident Kit and $750

· This rank and all following ranks are restricted from using spawn machines

Scientist -


· Obtained after 75 hours

· Ability to set 3 Homes

· Access to one-time use Scientist Kit and $1000


Technician -


· Obtained after 100 hours

· Access to one-time use of Technician Kit and $2000


Engineer -


· Obtained after 200 hours of gameplay

· Access to one-time use Engineer Kit and $4000

· No more building restrictions other than Donator Perks and Banned Items



Staff Ranks



Trial Moderator

This is the initial Staff Rank and is obtained after successfully completing the application and interview process. The Trial Moderator Rank will only be considered for highly trustworthy and dedicated players, and can only be received by a recommendation from a current staff member.



This Rank provides a promotion from the initial Trial Moderator Rank. This comes after you have helped the community with questions and problems and have proven you are ready for partaking in a more professional role. Remember, this is a serious job.



Administrators are the most respected and trustworthy rank of all, and must have a full knowledge of how the game and server work. This involves large amounts of time and effort to maintain. There are very high standards for this rank, and as such is the hardest rank to achieve.


















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