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FTB Ultimate to FTB Unleashed World Conversion

Ultimate conversion Unleashed Modpack change world moving world transfer transfer keep worlds switch modpacks FTB

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FTB Ultimate to FTB Unleashed World Conversion

I'm not sure if people have been able to do this for a while but I've found a way to convert a world from the Ultimate modpack over to

Unleashed. It is actually somewhat doable, I've done it to at least three worlds successfully. But  I cannot guarantee that this will work for sure and always make sure to make a backup of your worldsAlso you will most likely have the inventories be somewhat different from before so make sure to check everything before hand.


This in theory could work for changing to other mod packs but i haven't tried it yet. If you for some reason don't believe that we've actually done this you can see the proof on our youtube series:


The actual conversion video will be out in the next couple days hopefully

To see all of our videos: http://www.youtube.com/Thesquars (yes shameless whoring deal with it)


What you will need to do the conversion:


1 The first thing you need to do is make a backup, don't come to me when you mess up some item id and change the whole world into chunk loaders or something...


2 Now this is sort of different for everyone, check your world where you have actually been to, try not to generate any more of the world to make this easier on yourself and check if there are any plenty-o-biomes areas that don't use blocks already in the game so biomes such as the birch forests or fields are fine because they don't add any new blocks. Whereas biomes such as badlands or bamboo forests for example will need to be changed because there are new blocks. This needs to be done because for example the id of red rock is 251 and because of that if you don't change it you will have a biome thats entirely chunk loaders.

3 Then you will need to write down the item id of all the new blocks that are added from the plenty-o-biomes.

  • For example the id of red rock is 251 I believe
  • Sub categories for example 251-1 251-2 251-3 etc aren't necessary as far as i'm aware, only 251 is needed

4 Now that you've written down all the ids you will need to open midas gold.

  • Click add savegame and find the world you want to convert.
  • Click the text box to the left of the add translation button and type in the id of one of the ones you wrote.
  • By default it will turn it to stone but if you want to change that click the text box at the bottom of the window and select what you want it to turn into.
  • Once you're done with that click add translation and move on to the next id and repeat until you have translations for all the ids that you need to change. For me all i had to change was red rock so i'm not the most knowledgeable on midas gold...


5 Once you've entered all the translations you needed click start and wait for it to work its magic


6 Once its finished it will say so and say how many blocks were changed, which isn't really important but kinda cool to me...

now you can close midas gold. Then put the world folder back in the ultimate saves folder and launch it to see if it worked right and replaced those biomes properly.


7 If they have then move the world to unleashed in that save folder then launch unleashed. When you select the world and join it there will be a yes and a no at the bottom of the window without any other writing on the screen... as vague as this is just hit yes, if you click no it just closes the window, trust me I've tried. After that it should just bring you into the world. im sure a decent amount of your machines and items in chests will be weird and changed but it works...

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